Unleashed (Fire and Iceland #2)

Fairy tales are real, and some are darker than others…

Two years have passed since Hera Ívarsdóttir left Iceland, to wait out in safety the century-long curse put on her husband Gunnar by the huldufólk. Now, with the memory of dead American woman Vanessa Evanston trapped inside her, Hera is returning to her home and her husband—but she doesn’t intend to live in peace.

Hera has a plan to get revenge on the huldufólk. She believes by raising the landdísir—protective female spirits enshrined in Iceland’s Westfjords—she can crush their ruling Council. However, trading one devil for another may not be the best course of action, and allowing herself to be consumed with vengeance leads down a bleak and lonely path.

Beyond her all-consuming desire to make them pay, Hera learns there are more important things in life: the love of a man who suffered with her for a hundred years, the power of family, and protecting the memory of the innocent woman inside her. In the end, Hera will have to decide what she wants more—destruction or deliverance.

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