No to Snow

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January 23rd – Favorite things to do in the winter

Stay inside!

I’m not a huge fan of winter. Heck, I’m not even vaguely tolerant of it. I like warm weather and sun! Snow can be pretty, but I’m not fond of walking around in it or in the cold in general. I layer a lot and I find that an annoying process too. Sometimes watching the snow fall can be nice–I’ll give it that. Very recently we had a full-out blizzard here and it was pretty scary and amazing at the same time. I can’t recall a time when I experienced wind and snowfall like that. It was truly a force of nature and I was VERY glad to be inside (though I had to walk in it for a few minutes on the way home from work). Of course, we’re left with the unholy amount of snow in the aftermath and it makes life difficult for everyone.

I don’t ski or do any sort of winter sporty activities, but I appreciate those who do and find it fun. To each their own! I remember as a kid I liked to go out and play in it and build snowmen and whatnot, but then I turned into a grumpy adult who likes being snug and warm. I suppose it would be amazing to see REAL snow, like in the Alps and the arctic and places where there’s truly an amazing amount of it. I’d like to see Antarctica just to see it. For now I’ll content myself with pictures.

So, my favorite things to do in the winter involve being inside–being online, watching Hulu, cooking, cleaning, playing with my cat, scrubbing the grout, anything that doesn’t involve going out in the snow, but maybe getting to enjoy how nice it looks through my balcony doors. That is, until it turns to awful gray slush.

Happy Fall!

I know I’m a few days late, but autumn has officially arrived in the northern hemisphere: my favorite season! I fully admit I’m one of those people who is all about fall leaves and colors, sweaters, fires, and pumpkin spice/apple flavored/scented EVERYTHING. And of course, Halloween! I love all the imagery and trappings of fall. I do like spring and summer too…basically, anything that isn’t winter.

I’m a bit of a freak about decorating, also. I swear I decorate as much for fall as I do for Christmas. You can click the pictures for full-size!

Definitely a fake plant, as I kill real ones by just being in their presence.

As you can see, despite it being fall, summer lingers on in the background. When will the fall outside match the fall in my heart?!

Do you like fall? Do you decorate for it?

Once again I must apologize for my lack of posting lately–I’m going to try to work my way back up to three posts a week. I’m trying to get back to a regular writing routine, as well. Real life is too distracting! But clearly, I have time to decorate. 😉

Fall is here!

Everyone who knows me is well aware that autumn is my absolute favorite season. Today is the beginning of it here in the northern hemisphere and I’m more than ready! I’m a bit crazy about it, really–I’ve decorated my house for fall and I’ve been drinking pumpkin spice for a couple weeks already. The leaves here started to turn before August was even over, and the color change is increasingly widespread.

Bring on Halloween! Thanksgiving! All of it!

Do you love fall? What’s your favorite season?

It’s Already September?

September is here! That’s means it’s going to be fall very soon where I live. We don’t get much of a summer, that’s probably why I love summer so much. It’s already starting to cool down and leaves on some of the smaller trees started changing a couple weeks ago. But, I also LOVE fall, especially early fall, and next to summer it’s my favorite season. Late fall sucks here of course, because it’s cold and usually starts snowing and I have no love of snow (probably because I do live in a place where the majority of our year is cold and snow).

When it comes to writing, I tend to insert seasons into my books a lot. I almost always make some reference to what season it is, and sometimes it’s a plot point or a big part of the story. For example, The Wicked City takes place in the bitter January cold of Chicago, which not only sets the tone of the book, but helps to show the passage of time–in the two sequels, which take place one right after another, it’s summer of the same year, and the series also ends back in the winter. Also, my Kentucky Haints series utilizes seasons, admittedly in the first one just for the fun of showing off how much I love fall. Lorena is visiting Kentucky during the fall and having lived in a big city most of her life, she is amazed by the foliage. It didn’t really have anything to do with the plot, I just enjoyed writing it!

Do you use the seasons in your writing? What’s the weather like in your part of the world?