Stuff I’m Up To Right Now

A few updates in my writing world today. I come to share some happy news and a sale with you!

First of all, I had a novella picked up by Evernight Publishing! I haven’t worked with Evernight before, but dang do they have some lovely covers. Also, they were awesome through the whole process. I originally submitted the work as a short story to a submission call for an upcoming anthology. However, the editor asked me if I would revise the work to make it longer and more detailed and submit it to their Romance on the Go line. I did, and they’ve decided to publish it! It’s called Star-Crossed, it’s a paranormal romance, and it will (tentatively) be released in July. Watch this space for more details!

Black Mountain Magic got a four-star review at Night Owl Reviews! Remember that post I made on Monday about luck? Well, this is a fine example. Night Owl Reviews is a huge and well-respected romance review site. Black Mountain Magic is one of my self-published works, so I’m able to directly access my sales figures. My book getting a highly-visible favorable review on a well-known review site, coupled with the fact I just HAPPENED to have the book on sale for 99 cents at the time of the review (which I didn’t know was coming) translated to a few days of high sales figures on Amazon, enough I almost got into the bestseller category. See how luck works like that? Since then, sales have tapered off, despite the fact I subsequently bought a reduced-price ad spot on their site after the review. It’s a roll of the dice.

So, speaking of that, both Black Mountain Magic and White Witch Magic are on sale for 99 cents right now at all retailers! Get ’em cheap! And remember, if you buy ANY of my books, I would be happy to autograph them for you.

Do you have any good news to share today?

Siren Song news

Just a reminder, The Wicked City is still free right now at all retailers, and will be until June 5th! If you like urban fantasy and want to get a taste of the Siren Song series, this is the perfect opportunity. Click below for more details and the links to all retailers!

Also, the third book in the Siren Song series, The Burning City, will be released on July 5th and right now it’s up for grabs on NetGalley if you’re a reviewer. Click the cover to pick it up!

Get some free books and have a great weekend!

Siren Song news

Each of my Siren Song novels has a little news to go with it today! I’m happy to share:

The Wicked City is just 99 cents right now at ALL retailers. This will be going on until the end of the month. So if you wanted to get the first book in the series you can do that right now, cheap!




The Bloody City got a wonderful five star review at The Romance Reviews and was also chosen as one of their top picks. They seem to like me and my work a lot over there, and I’m super grateful for it! Also, if you have interest in becoming a book reviewer, it’s a great site to start on. When you sign up for an account you can also ask to be a reviewer.



The Burning City now has a sneak peak available. You can find and read the first chapter here! A warning though–there’s some pretty big spoilers if you haven’t read the first two books.




Today is also the opening of the A-Z Challenge sign-ups! Since I got a great deal of my blog followers from that challenge, I can’t wait to participate again and meet a whole bunch of new folks this year. The challenge last year also got me into blogging more regularly and I had a blast doing it.

Are you doing the challenge this year? Are you as excited about it as I am?

Now on tour

Today I start two book tours, one for each new publication. So I’ll try not to blabber on about myself on this blog too much this week! Below is a list of places I’ll be each day for the individual tours, along with what I’ll be discussing, so you can stop by and say hello if you like. Both tours will include gift card prizes and the more you participate, the more chances you have to win.

Today: The Reading Addict – Overcoming the greatest obstacle on my path to publication.

Tuesday: Christine Young – Interview. AND It’s Raining Books – Five things readers would never guess about me.

Wednesday: Books Chatter – Interview/playlist for my book. AND Cover 2 Cover – World building in urban fantasy/book review.

Thursday: No post due to Thanksgiving, however, I will have a stop on the other tour (since the company is UK-based).

Friday: Unabridged Andra – The love triangle in fiction. AND Love That’s Out of This World – Interview.

This tour will include a $20 Amazon gift card giveaway.


Today: All I Want And More – Writing for the City Nights series.

Tuesday: Houston Havens – What makes a hero sexy?

Wednesday: Romances With A Little Kick – Writing erotic romance.

Thursday: Muffy Wilson – I’m thankful for erotica!

Friday: Erotica For All – The thrill of the forbidden–why I write erotic romance.

This tour will include a $10 Amazon gift card giveaway.

As a reminder, I’m also still on this tour and will be until the end of the month (all posts are either spotlights or reviews):

So that’s where I’ll be this week. If you want to listen to me talk about myself, writing, and my books, and maybe win a prize–come follow me around. I love groupies!

Updates, contests, review copies

Today’s post is an update post, to make sure you guys don’t miss out on some contests and other things that will be ending soon. But first! I’m overly excited about something that might seem rather silly. A few days ago I got my publicity materials for The Bloody City (which will be releasing November 10th) and I found out my publisher put me in a real life magazine ad! The Bloody City is featured in an ad in the November 2015 issue of RT Book Reviews. I found a digital copy online (which you can access for free here, for a limited time) just to see what it looked like. Of course, I ordered myself some paper copies–I have to hold it in my hands!

It’s a big deal to me…I’m in a magazine! I’m worth throwing advertising money at! Yay!


And now, so you don’t miss anything:

Time is running out to enter to win a copy of The Bloody City on Goodreads. You have three days left if you want to enter. Go, go, go!

You can also request The Bloody City for review from NetGalley, from now until release day. If you run a review site and you want to review it, please contact me and I will send you a direct download link for NetGalley.

Last of all, I only have three days left to obtain four–JUST FOUR–nominations in order for The Wicked City to move on to the voting round of The Romance Reviews Readers’ Choice Awards. I should clarify, this is NOT the contest itself, but merely a nomination round to get into the contest, and I’m so, so close! If you think I’m worthy, I would deeply appreciate your nomination. You have to sign up for the site to nominate, which  you can do here (you can also easily sign in with Facebook, G+, or Microsoft). And then click on the banner below (or here) to nominate the book by clicking the blue button above the cover. Easy! Everyone who gives me a nudge into the voting round is greatly, greatly appreciated!