Upcoming Promo For The Burning City

The third novel in my Siren Song urban fantasy series, The Burning City, will be released on July 5th from Kensington Books/Lyrical Press. There’s lots of fun stuff going on for the release, including multiple chances to win prizes!

Here’s a list of events and places I’ll be:

The main event is a Facebook party for release day! Prizes will include:

* Two $10 Amazon gift cards (e-mail delivery only)
* The complete Siren Song series in e-format
* An autographed paperback copy of The Burning City

Never been to a Facebook party? It’s easy to participate. All you need to do is show up during the party (3-6pm EST), chat, and have fun! Use your FB account to click the +Going button at the top of the page, and FB will even remind you when the event is coming up so you don’t miss it. Hope to see you there!

  • On June 28th, The Burning City will be featured in a Teaser Tuesday at Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tours–stop by for an exclusive excerpt!
  • On July 4th, The Burning City will be featured at Cover Reveals.
  • I will be doing a promo blitz on July 5th through Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tours. 20-30 blogs will feature The Burning City that day. I will post more information when I get the list of participating blogs. This blitz will feature a $10 Amazon gift card giveaway!
  • On July 5th I will be visiting author Suzanne Johnson to talk about The Burning City. I will be doing a surprise giveaway there, as well!

I may end up doing other promo as well. I’ll keep you updated!

Writing resolutions

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and a happy new year! Did you make any resolutions this year? Every January feels like a fresh start and a chance to try again–and I know we don’t often keep our resolutions, however well-intentioned we start off the first month…or week…or days… I’m pretty bad at keeping resolutions myself, and yet, I still make them.

I have a few personal resolutions this year which I won’t get into, but I thought I’d detail some of my writing resolutions here. Maybe typing them out will help me keep them–and maybe if you’re looking to make some resolutions of your own, they’ll give you some ideas.

My Writing Resolutions:


  • Write more. This seems the most obvious resolution for a writer, doesn’t it? The more you write, the more you have written, which is the most important thing. I have a bad habit of using too much of my free time being distracted and messing around instead of being productive. I’m going to create a schedule for myself–a flexible one that I can adjust until I find what works best for me. I would like to cultivate more discipline.
  • Focus tighter. I also have a bad habit of working on too many projects at once, which is also distracting. It ends up making the projects take longer to complete as well, because I keep switching. I’m going to strive to focus on one thing at a time, that way my mind is conditioned for it and my concentration is better. I’m also going to focus more on writing full-length novels instead of shorter works.
  • Learn more about promotion and try to schedule some each month. I’m always striving to figure out what does and doesn’t work as far as promotion goes. I’m going to try to find the things that work the best and schedule something each month to keep my name in front of readers. I’m going to spend less time on promotion that, in the past, has proven not worth the time I put into it.

Social Media:

I’m actually pretty terrible at most social media. I want to improve that.

  • Facebook. My Facebook author page is mostly just news and announcements. I’m pretty bad at getting ‘personal’ on Facebook and my attached personal page under my author name isn’t used (but has to exist in order to moderate the author page). I do have a personal Facebook under my real name, which I’m more active on, but prefer to keep exclusively to friends and family. I’m going to try to be more personable and chatty on Facebook.
  • Twitter. I’m a terrible tweeter too! I was once pretty good at it on my personal account, but I slack now. I think I can be much better at Twitter because it’s a shorter, quicker format than Facebook.
  • Blogging. I have to say, I’m pretty proud of my blogging prowess–mostly because once upon a time I was TERRIBLE at blogging, but I got much better with practice. I try to post three times a week and I’m going to keep at it.
  • Other social media. I’ve been thinking about making a tumblr–I have a fun one, but I’d like to make one more professional and associated with the writing community. I’ve also been told by everyone that an author needs a mailing list, but I’m still not wholly sold on it. I’m not sure what a mailing list might provide that my blog readers don’t already get here.


  • Blog hops. I do Insecure Writer’s Support Group and I did the April A-Z Challenge last year and honestly, this is where I got many of my followers from! I love blog hops and I’m going to continue to seek out the best/most relevant ones to participate in.
  • Research. I’m going to continue to research the business side of writing and try to get better at it–and work on making more connections.

So there are my writing resolutions for this year–let’s see how well I can do. Do you have any writing (or non-writing) resolutions that you’re hoping to hold onto?

Get a little sex in the city.

On May 27th, my novella One Night In Chicago will be released from Tirgearr Publishing! Part of the City Nights series, where each novella in the series takes place in a 24 hour time period in a city anywhere in the world (the stories are stand alone, so you don’t need to read all of them to enjoy just one). Each book in the series is erotic romance–ooh la la! And the covers are gorgeous. Do go check them out!

To celebrate, I’m having a Facebook party on release day and giving away prizes, including two copies of One Night In Chicago, and for one lucky winner, a $25 Amazon gift card! The party will go on most of the day and we’ll be playing various fun games and chatting, so you don’t have to stick around the whole time–just pop in and say hi and you could win a prize!

If you’d like to come to the party, you can find it here.

And if you’d like to pre-order the novella from your favorite online retailer, you can do that too:

One Night In Chicago

Part of the City Nights series.

City Nights is a unique erotic romance series with authors contributing stand-alone stories to the collection. Each book title starts One Night in . . . and takes place within a 24 hour time frame in a city somewhere in the world.

Breaking up is hard to do, especially after four years together.

Taylor Middleton, a singer striving for her big break, and her boyfriend Malcolm Darling, a mover and shaker in the music business, have decided to call it quits. Taylor wants to take her onstage persona—Gracie M—to LA, where she hopes bright lights and big dreams await.

But before they break up, the two decide to spend one last night in Chicago, the city where they once shared a passionate, romantic weekend, in hopes of preserving some good memories. In Chicago, Taylor realizes she’s not so sure about taking her talents elsewhere, as Malcolm reminds her why she fell in love—and lust—with him. Taylor may soon discover the right man, like music, can set her free and make all her dreams come true.

Read an excerpt

Available for presale at:

Amazon | Barnes & NobleSmashwords | Kobo | iTunes


Hope to see you at the party!

You like me, you really like me!

After a long, aggravating struggle to understand simple directions (hush, I know how to use the internet) I’ve managed to convert my personal Facebook profile to a page you can now ‘like.’ If you were following me before, you’ll be listed as a liker on that page and you’ll still get my posts as always. If we weren’t connected before, you can go ahead and like me, if you like me!

In other news, Landing Strip is on All Romance Ebooks bestseller list for bundle/anthology erotica! If you haven’t joined the Mile High Club yet, what are you waiting for?

I’ve also completed the first edits on the first novel in my Siren Song trilogy with Lyrical Press. I’ll have you know I managed to do this momentous task without crying more than six times. There are still quite a few more steps (and edits) to go before I have a release date. I will keep you posted.

Right now I’m doing a lot of writing on various projects, to keep myself sane while I wait for all I’ve had accepted for publication to finally come out. Once that happens I can play in all the cross-promotion and blog hops and fun stuff that other authors do. Until then, I’ll just press my face to the glass like a sad puppy dog.