Updates, contests, review copies

Today’s post is an update post, to make sure you guys don’t miss out on some contests and other things that will be ending soon. But first! I’m overly excited about something that might seem rather silly. A few days ago I got my publicity materials for The Bloody City (which will be releasing November 10th) and I found out my publisher put me in a real life magazine ad! The Bloody City is featured in an ad in the November 2015 issue of RT Book Reviews. I found a digital copy online (which you can access for free here, for a limited time) just to see what it looked like. Of course, I ordered myself some paper copies–I have to hold it in my hands!

It’s a big deal to me…I’m in a magazine! I’m worth throwing advertising money at! Yay!


And now, so you don’t miss anything:

Time is running out to enter to win a copy of The Bloody City on Goodreads. You have three days left if you want to enter. Go, go, go!

You can also request The Bloody City for review from NetGalley, from now until release day. If you run a review site and you want to review it, please contact me and I will send you a direct download link for NetGalley.

Last of all, I only have three days left to obtain four–JUST FOUR–nominations in order for The Wicked City to move on to the voting round of The Romance Reviews Readers’ Choice Awards. I should clarify, this is NOT the contest itself, but merely a nomination round to get into the contest, and I’m so, so close! If you think I’m worthy, I would deeply appreciate your nomination. You have to sign up for the site to nominate, which  you can do here (you can also easily sign in with Facebook, G+, or Microsoft). And then click on the banner below (or here) to nominate the book by clicking the blue button above the cover. Easy! Everyone who gives me a nudge into the voting round is greatly, greatly appreciated!

I need nominations!

I’m happy to announce that The Wicked City is up for nomination at The Romance Reviews Readers’ Choice awards! There’s a whole process that must unfold before the winners can be picked, so I’ll explain.

How It Works

There are multiple categories with many books in each. Right now until September 30th is the nomination process. Each book must recieve 50 nominations to go on to the next round. You can nominate multiple books in the same category. This isn’t really the ‘competition’ part, just the nomination process to get into the competition. I’m halfway there right now, according to my stats!

The finals will be held from October 3rd to the 31st, where the nominated books will then be going head to head. I’ve got my fingers crossed I get in there.

If you would like to nominate The Wicked City, here’s how:

– If you’re already a TRR member, just log in and on my book’s page there’s a blue button above the book cover that says URBAN FANTASY – NOMINATE THIS BOOK. Just click it!

– If you’re not a member (unfortunately you need to be to vote) it’s free and easy to sign up. Just go to this page. As you can see, there’s additional benefits to being a member like being allowed to participate in contests and chat with authors. After making a username and password (you don’t need to check any of the boxes, unless you are an author or do want to be a book reviewer), you’re in. Tah dah! Now you can go to my book and nominate it! You can also go here to sign up for the site with your Google+ account, Facebook, Yahoo!, or Microsoft account.

And of course, you can nominate anyone else you’d like, too.

If you do nominate me, THANK YOU! Let me know so I can thank you personally. Also, if one of your books is on there, let me know and I’ll be happy to nominate you back–even if it’s urban fantasy.

My #PitchWars Mentee Bio

Well, I’ve gone and done it–I’ve thrown my hat in the ring for PitchWars 2015. I have a manuscript I’ve been polishing and polishing and have started looking for a home for, so it seems like the fates aligned that PitchWars should occur at the same time I have a hot little manuscript ready to go in my hands. Will I get in? Will I find a mentor? Will I go all the way? Stay tuned!

This post is my mentee bio for the #PimpMyBio blog hop and for any curious mentors to stop by and find out who I am. So without further ado:

About Me (the non-writing stuff):

  • I’m from Cleveland, Ohio, the home of Rock and Roll. Except no one really says that anymore and we’re known for a lot of other stuff now, like Lebron James. And, like…Lebron James. (Seriously though, we’re becoming a pretty kickass cultural center of the Midwest.)
  • I just turned 40. I don’t recommend it. (Just kidding, have as many birthdays as you can!)
  • I’m a bartender in real life. I’ve been in the service industry bartending/serving for a long time. In my pretend life I’m a wealthy heiress married to Travis Fimmel.
  • I have an adult son and a cat. Both of them shed everywhere.
  • My favorite seasons are summer and fall, probably because I live in Cleveland and the only other season we have is winter and it lasts eight months.
  • I’m reading Stephen King’s Dark Tower series right now.
  • I love the TV show Penny Dreadful and if anything encompasses all my interests in one tidy package, it’s that show.
  • I love Hello Kitty, seahorses (I typed ‘seahores’ first–I like ye olde salty sea hores too, I suppose), windchimes, anything pink, baking, and collecting candles. *shrug* You can’t always be surrounded by dark morbid Victorian gothy-ness. This tweet about sums me up:


About My Writing:

  • I’m an urban fantasy/paranormal romance/erotica author. At first glance those things might seem like they don’t go together, but if you read the genre you’ll see how often they cross-pollinate (and how!).
  • I have an urban fantasy series contracted with Kensington. The series is called Siren Song and it’s about, you guessed it, a modern-day siren. The first book, The Wicked City, was released on March 3, 2015. The sequel, The Bloody City, will be released November 10, 2015. The third, The Burning City, will be released in May 2016. Will there be more? Well, I wanted to make it a trilogy and leave it at that, but the characters didn’t quite cooperate so…yes?
  • I also have a paranormal erotic romance, Her Darkest Secret, published with Muse It Up publishing. It’s historical as well and has lots of sex and werewolves in it. Do I have your attention yet?
  • I have a contemporary erotic romance, One Night In Chicago, published with Tirgearr Publishing as part of their City Nights series. One Night In Cleveland, which I also wrote, will be published November 18, 2015. I had to rep my city! (Lebron James is not in it, btw.)
  • I also have several short stories in House of Erotica anthologies Smut By the Sea Vol. 3, Landing Strip, and Play It Safe.
  • Next year: EVEN MORE???
  • FYI: I am published but unagented. Since that’s an important requirement of the contest!

Why You Should Pick Me. PICK MEEE!:

  • I’m eager to learn. I love writing and I love getting better at it and learning new things. I don’t believe that any writer, no matter how famous they get or how many books they publish, is ever done learning.
  • I’m easy to work with. I don’t argue. I don’t clutch my manuscripts to my chest and cry HOW DARE YOU! when you tell me something needs to be changed. I’m receptive to feedback and criticism. I like to have productive discussions, not arguments.
  • I’ve worked with professional editors and understand the process and technicalities of working on a manuscript together.
  • I have an enthusiasm for writing and I’m absolutely serious about making it my career.
  • I bake. I will send you cupcakes.
  • I’m friendly and I love meeting new people.
  • This is my cat, look at her. Even she likes to write.
Yes that’s a Hello Kitty blanket on my bed. You got something to say?

Other Places To Find Me:

This is a blog hop! So hop on over!

Psst…wanna read some smut, written by me?

I currently have an entry in the Juicy Sex Stories short story contest! First prize is a nice chunk of money and bragging rights. But what does this mean for you?

If you’d like to read this lovely filthy piece of erotica I’ve written (the contest theme is ‘first times’), you can find the link below. You can also vote on it! Only Juicy Sex Stories site members can vote on stories or leave comments, but signing up is fast, free, and easy, and as a bonus you get lots of free erotica to read, not just written by me. However, if you don’t want to sign up for the site, that’s cool too. You can still read my story for free, and I hope you enjoy it! Consider it a no-obligation, no-risk sample of my erotic writing. Personal feedback, either in comments on this post or via email, are very much welcome and appreciated. I’ll keep you updated on the contest winners!

If you’d like to read my erotic short story Teenage Dream, click here.WARNING: this site is for adults 18+ ONLY. The content of the site, and my story, is adult and not safe for work/any kids or partners looking over your shoulder/if you’re browsing in public/if you just plain don’t like smutty stuff.

If you sign up and vote, I love you. If you leave me feedback, I love you. If you only read it, I love you too! Thanks so much for taking the time!