Spring has finally sprung, at least here in the northern hemisphere! Well, spring has ‘officially’ sprung, anyway. In Cleveland it’s still cold and snowy, but it’s all uphill from this point forward, right? (Unless we get one of our spring blizzards.) Soon we’ll have flowers and green and sunny days. Spring is one of my favorite seasons. Actually, all of them are my favorite except winter.

Spring being in the air also means the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge is right around the corner! Did you check out my theme reveal this week?

Here’s to bright skies ahead!

A Writer’s Christmas List

All I want for Christmas is:

  • An unfettered flow of great ideas.
  • Characters that turn out as real on the page as they are in my head.
  • No awkward scene transitions.
  • Engaging, witty dialog.
  • A spellchecker that knows when I’m screwing up my homophones.
  • Brilliant, catchy names for characters that will never be forgotten by my readers.
  • A movie deal.
  • Okay, a book club deal is good too.
  • Just like, me saying “buy this book” and the person says “okay, deal.”
  • A breathtaking romance captured perfectly.
  • Barring that, an interesting cat lady.
  • No filler.
  • No tangents.
  • Not forgetting that detail I put in chapter two that was supposed to be important later on.
  • Looming foreshadowing.
  • Heart-pounding suspense.
  • To have characters that just for once don’t visit a restaurant/diner in one of my stories.
  • To have enough readers to laugh at my inside jokes about my writing.
  • Minimal edits.
  • Okay, at least less edits?
  • A quelling of my desire to put an exclamation point at the end of every sentence of dialog!
  • No characters having jobs/hobbies I have to research for a solid three months before I can begin writing.

What’s on your writer’s Christmas list?

Winter Has Arrived

Today is the first day of winter here in the northern hemisphere! Winter is actually my least favorite season, probably owing to the fact I live in Cleveland and our seasons are really just winter and July. But the good news is, the winter solstice is also when the days begin to get longer, thus why it’s a celebration of light.

Whether you live perpetually in the sun, are buried under snow today, or somewhere in between, have a great day and stay toasty!

The Christmas Spirit Is Here!

I put my Christmas tree up yesterday. A lot of people I know decorate on or directly after Thanksgiving, but I always wait until December begins because I don’t want to get sick of Christmas too fast. This is the first year I’ve had a full-sized Christmas tree, because I live in a bigger place now and I have room to put it. I always had a table top tree before. That means it’s my cat’s first year coexisting with a full-sized Christmas tree as well…

Look how sweet and innocent I am. How dare you insinuate that I would assault a Christmas tree.

We’ll see how she gets along with it. So far, she’s been ignoring it, but sooner or later she’ll get bored, I’m sure.

Do you celebrate Christmas? Have you decorated yet? Feel free to show off your tree/decorations in the comments!

On a completely different note: Black Mountain Magic got an awesome review at Up Til Dawn Book Blog. Stop by and check it out!