Snogs in the snow!

Today, as part of Blissemas (which I’ll be participating in on December 8th!) I’m taking part in the Snogs in the Snow blog hop. What’s that, you ask? Everyone who participates in the blog hop posts a kissing scene from one of their stories, and does a giveaway with their post. Sound like fun? Read on!


I’m offering up a kissing scene from my erotic romance One Night In Cleveland, which is part of the City Nights series. After the scene, I’ll be giving away an e-copy of the story. Want to win? Find out how after the scene–it’s easy!

They settled into a booth in a dark corner, a strategic choice on Matt’s part. Caylee didn’t object. His gamble paid off when she responded positively to his attempt at making out with her.

Her lips were soft and her shiny, pink lip gloss strawberry-flavored. Behind those tender lips, she tasted like coffee and the sweet cream of her cannoli. This time he could savor her mouth, instead of having to rush—though every part of his body wanted to push forward, some more than others.
She pressed against him, feminine and delicate, yet she had some muscle too. He put his hand on her thigh, finally getting a feel of her smooth leg. She didn’t stop him, even when he inched his fingertips up under her skirt.

Time stretched out as they sat in the shadows, getting hotter by the minute, enjoying the burn. He kissed all her lip gloss off, oblivious to everyone around them.

“This is so nice,” she finally said, the first words she’d spoken since they started kissing. Her hand rested on his thigh, perched precariously close to his crotch. “I have to admit, I haven’t been on a real date in ages.”

“Me neither.” The band was on break, so they didn’t have to shout. The bar was crowded but they were in their own little bubble.

“As bad as this is going to sound,” she said, “I’m really glad I accidentally arrested you.”

“I’m really glad, too.”

She kissed him again, clutching the front of his shirt. He sucked at her tongue, groaning softly into her mouth. This was quickly becoming torture.

“Sorry,” she said as she drew back. “Haven’t done much kissing in a while, either.”

“It’s okay.” He sought out her lips again, drawn inexorably to her mouth. He’d remained a gentleman so far, but when she slid her hand farther up, her fingers lightly touching the bulge in his pants, he didn’t think he could remain one. He caressed down her side and over her hip, tracing her delicious contours.

They broke apart again, both a little breathless. She gazed into his eyes. “I know we’re going really fast,” she said. “You must think badly of me.”

He chuckled. “Well God, what do you think of me? I’m right here with you.”

She smiled. “I like you. I think you’re sexy.” She squeezed his thigh. “I really, really enjoy your company.”

“You want to come back to my place?”

She licked her gloss-less lips. They were a delicate shade of pink beneath. “I really shouldn’t, especially on the first date…”

Win an e-copy of One Night In Cleveland!

All you have to do is comment on this post…it’s that simple! I’ll toss the names in a random generator and announce the winner on December 8th–the day of my Blissemas post!

Contest is now closed–commenter bn100 is the winner!

What’s Blissemas, you ask?

Erotic authors serve up holiday-themed posts each day: stories, excerpts, pictures, recipes, fun things galore. And the best part? The prizes! Every day of Blissemas offers chances to win naughty and nice prizes: books, gift cards, games, gift bundles, and adult toys and erotic playthings. All sorts of sexy stuff to make your winter sizzle. The grand prize is a £100 Amazon Gift Card!

So if you want something hot under the tree this year…stop by and celebrate Blissemas with us!

Now on tour

Today I start two book tours, one for each new publication. So I’ll try not to blabber on about myself on this blog too much this week! Below is a list of places I’ll be each day for the individual tours, along with what I’ll be discussing, so you can stop by and say hello if you like. Both tours will include gift card prizes and the more you participate, the more chances you have to win.

Today: The Reading Addict – Overcoming the greatest obstacle on my path to publication.

Tuesday: Christine Young – Interview. AND It’s Raining Books – Five things readers would never guess about me.

Wednesday: Books Chatter – Interview/playlist for my book. AND Cover 2 Cover – World building in urban fantasy/book review.

Thursday: No post due to Thanksgiving, however, I will have a stop on the other tour (since the company is UK-based).

Friday: Unabridged Andra – The love triangle in fiction. AND Love That’s Out of This World – Interview.

This tour will include a $20 Amazon gift card giveaway.


Today: All I Want And More – Writing for the City Nights series.

Tuesday: Houston Havens – What makes a hero sexy?

Wednesday: Romances With A Little Kick – Writing erotic romance.

Thursday: Muffy Wilson – I’m thankful for erotica!

Friday: Erotica For All – The thrill of the forbidden–why I write erotic romance.

This tour will include a $10 Amazon gift card giveaway.

As a reminder, I’m also still on this tour and will be until the end of the month (all posts are either spotlights or reviews):

So that’s where I’ll be this week. If you want to listen to me talk about myself, writing, and my books, and maybe win a prize–come follow me around. I love groupies!