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March 13th – A Day In My Life

I debated skipping this week because I don’t have pictures for this challenge and I assume most people are going to use pictures to show their life details. However, I suppose telling it is just as good. You can still get a peek at how glamorous and exciting the life of an author is. 😉

I’m going to detail a day when I work, because I do that five days a week so it’s a “typical” day.

Some background: my day job is Senior Supervisor in a private airport lounge–you know those lounges you pay to hang out in when you’re traveling? That. But what the heck does being Senior Supervisor mean? I’m basically the assistant manager, since the only person above me is my boss, the General Manager. I supervise day-to-day operations–we handle the lounge’s food and beverage service, as well as housekeeping–but more specifically I run the bar in the lounge (I was a bartender for a long time before lucking into this job) which includes doing inventory, ordering liquor, making sure the bar runs smoothly, and training bartenders. I also do a lot of overall bookkeeping for the lounge and coordinate invoicing and bill-paying with the airline that runs it (the company I work for is contracted by them). Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?!

Oh, and I also write books on the side. But that doesn’t pay as much as the day job yet, unfortunately. SIGH! 😉

It’s also a night shift job, so I don’t go in until 2-4pm, depending on the shift, and I usually get home around 10-11pm.

So here’s a typical day when I work!

  • 8am – Wake up. For some reason my body is attuned to always wake up at 8am, no matter what time I went to sleep. My cat also makes DAMN sure I’m up at this time every morning to feed her.
  • 9am – 10am – Do any chores I need to do around the house, put in laundry–my adult son is my roommate and we both work nights (he works VERY late nights and sleeps in the mornings), so I usually throw our uniforms in the washer first thing in the morning (he’s a cook, so he has a pretty dirty, greasy job). If I have to go to the store or run errands I do it around this time too.
  • 10am – 12pm – If I’m done doing all the household tasks, I sit down at my laptop to write/work on writing tasks like blogging, promo, and checking groups/Facebook/Twitter for a while.
  • 12 pm-ish – Depending on what time my shift starts, I get ready for work and eat. I don’t eat breakfast, but eat a filling meal before I go to work because work is usually very busy for me and I don’t have time to eat during my shift, unless it’s a small snack. Eating right before I go keeps me from getting hungry.
  • 1pm – 3pm – Depending on when my shift starts, I’m on my way to work! I don’t own a car and take public transportation everywhere. I have a driver’s license, I just don’t want the expense of a car and I live in a big city with access to plentiful public transport. I live right across the street from the train station and the train takes me directly into the airport–and it only takes ten minutes from my stop to work. How convenient is that! I think even if I broke down and bought a car I would still take the train to work because it’s so easy. Also, it gives me time to just chill and listen to music/play on my phone before I go into work.
  • Until 9pm-ish  – Work! I like work for the most part, it usually goes fast because we’re very busy and I love my coworkers, we’re like a family. We close at 8:30pm, but there’s about an hour worth of closing down/cleaning up to do, and if I have additional paperwork tasks it might take longer. Sometimes I take the train home or sometimes a coworker gives me a ride home since by happy coincidence, a lot of us live very close to the airport. I don’t ever ask for rides because it’s MY choice not to drive and I don’t mind taking the train, but a few of my motherly coworkers insist on always taking me home because they believe it’s dangerous to take the train late at night, especially for a young woman. 😀 However, I worked downtown for many years as a bartender and often took buses/trains at MUCH later hours of the night through MUCH worse areas (and I was MUCH younger!) and was never bothered by anyone. But I don’t argue with Mama Coworkers.
  • 10pm-ish – I get home, usually eat something, shower, mess around online a bit, and maybe do a bit more writing if something was flowing well earlier.
  • 11pm – 12am – I usually go to bed in this timeframe. Gotta be up early to feed the cat, after all!

So that’s my day. Impressive, isn’t it? If you have any questions about my job or routine, please ask!

Author: Megan Morgan

Paranormal and contemporary romance author.

19 thoughts

  1. I really enjoyed reading this thank you for writing! It’s amazing and such a good habit to get into that you wake up at 8am every morning, I definitely want to get into that. You job also sounds really interesting, great job with this blog post!


  2. I didn’t use pictures either so… 🙂 Your job sounds like a lot of fun, honestly. I had an uncle who was a bartender for many years and wound up as food and beverage manager at a rather nice golf club in Arizona. Oh, and I’d likely be one of those mama co-workers who’d insist you rode home with me. Hahaha.

    My post!


  3. Your average day sounds quite interesting. I’m impressed that you can go that long without eating! Is it an easy thing for you to do?

    Do you ever have quieter days at work? If so, what do (or would) you work on to pass the time during those shifts?

    My post.


    1. I don’t know, I guess my body is kind of used to it by now. I DO snack at work though, I just usually don’t have time for an actual meal.

      Yes, we do have quieter days, like if weather causes cancellations and Saturdays are always very quiet because it’s a low-fly day (not many people go out on Saturdays). There’s always something to do, though. I usually take the time to catch up on paperwork because some other days are just so busy (or I’m covering someone else’s position) that I don’t have time for it. Thanks for the questions!


  4. I love this. Your job sounds fascinating. I never thought about the airport lounges. I mean, I know they need staff, but I don’t think about it. Wow. That has to be interesting. Busy.

    We only have one car. I didn’t have a license for years when I moved overseas. I have one now, but don’t want to pay for car related expenses. For the most part, Japan has easy public transportation so it’s rare I need to drive anywhere.

    My post is here:


    1. It’s definitely interesting! How I ended up there was a series of random events. I worked as a bartender in another restaurant in the airport, but it closed down, and I ended up bartending in the lounge a few days a week. Five years later…here I am, the supervisor!

      I MAY get a car again…someday. It’s just an expense I don’t care to have right now and isn’t necessary where I am.


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