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January 30th – Characters I’d Name a Baby After

Ha! This is a funny question because when I was pregnant with my son (and didn’t yet know he was a boy) if he was a girl, I wanted to name him Mina Gabrielle. Mina, of course, from Bram Stoker’s Dracula (though her full name was Wilhelmina and I didn’t want that), and Gabrielle after Lestat’s mother in Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. I was a tad bit obsessed with vampire novels, can you tell? I think I would still name a girl Gabrielle because it’s such a pretty name.

I ended up naming him Cain Evan, and though Cain is the first vampire in some vampire mythologies, it didn’t come from that. It didn’t really come from the Bible either, though I happened to be reading Beowulf at the time and Grendel was described as being Cain’s descendant. That’s where I got the name from and in that story it WAS referring to the Biblical Cain so…it’s Biblical by the way of fiction? And, you’re going to laugh very hard (and I’m going to show my age), but the name Evan came from a character in Miami Vice. *hides face*

I also toyed with naming him Vaughn Vladimir. Vaughn just because I liked the name and Vladimir of course after Dracula, but that was vetoed. I think if I ever had another son (which is doubtful at this stage of my life) I would name him Gabriel-if I didn’t have a girl and name her Gabrielle–simply because I like that name a lot. I also think at that point people would just think I’m naming all my kids from the Bible so maybe not. I wrote a fourth Siren Song novel (which has never been released) and named June’s daughter Antigone–Tiggy for short–and I think that would be a cool name too.

So yes, I would totally name babies after characters…and have!

Author: Megan Morgan

Paranormal and contemporary romance author.

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  1. There was a character named Cain in FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD. Everybody felt sorry for him. His mother, “not being a Bible-read woman,” got the wrong name. Everybody called him Cainey, to not embarrass him. I doubt many people today are “Bible-read” enough to give anybody grief over a great name like that.


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