We’re into the second week of 2019 already! Can you believe it? Only a few more months of winter here in the northern hemisphere, that’s the way I look at it. 😀 Even though, we haven’t really had winter yet–no significant snowfall, and the temps right now are spring-like. I know it’s waiting just around the corner, though.

The new year means resolutions for some people. I always make some…whether I follow through is another story. Some people don’t believe in making them and I totally understand that. The concept of time keeping is made up by humans, so literally any time is a good time to start working on self-improvement. I believe that too, but I also feel like the new year is a good time to hit the reset button. I always give it a good pounding, anyway.

Some of my resolutions were sidelined a bit during the first week of 2019 as I had some health issues that blew me off course. That’s okay–I’m trying to frame it that all the bad stuff got out of the way first so the rest of 2019 will be smooth sailing. My personal resolutions (which I won’t bore you with) stayed intact, but my writing resolutions got derailed due to having to go to the hospital (twice) and being on some mind-fogging medication. I’m back up on my feet and doing much better now, but I’m trying to get back on my writing resolutions. That is, more consistent blogging, and contributing some work toward my writing every day, even if I don’t have much time and it’s just a tiny bit. Part of that is keeping myself AWAY from distractions on the internet and TV and concentrating. Using my spare time more productively. I’m really quite horrible about it and easily pulled away so I’m trying to be more mindful.

Again, some people don’t do resolutions and I get that. Just because the year started over doesn’t mean you’re mentally, physically, or emotionally ready to make big changes in your life. I tried to focus more this year on making changes that I feel I’m ready for and capable of. And if you do make resolutions and slip on them, it’s important not to beat yourself up. Persistence and trying again when you fail is far more important to success than consistent perfection. Nobody ever learned to ride a bike, drive a car, or heck, even walk, by doing it perfect forever from the very first try. However, trying again and again got you there eventually.

Besides, everyone knows January is just a trial month to figure out how you want to spend the rest of the year. 😉

How about you? Did you make resolutions? Do you believe in them? How are they coming along?

Author: Megan Morgan

Paranormal and contemporary romance author.

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