The Change of the Season

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September has arrived! That means here in the northern hemisphere fall is just around the corner–my favorite season. It’s still pretty hot and summery here, so I’m trying not to get ahead of myself, but I can’t wait to break out the fall decor.

So, any insecurities for me as the seasons change? Why, of course! Those of you who follow me might remember I recently had another book accepted for publication–my lucky 13th! I’m working on the sequel right now and it’s an interesting writing experience. I kind of dragged my feet on it for a long time and was writing it slowly, but lately I’ve been working hard on it. My day job schedule is often erratic and cuts into my writing time, so I’m snatching time here and there where I can. Which means I go a couple of days without writing anything and then binge-write 5,000 words at a time. So far, it seems to be working for me. Even though I have the story kind of plotted out I’m surprising myself with where the emotional twists and turns are happening.

But, what if my fire dies out?! What if I get into another slump like my job was putting me in this summer? I really want to keep up the momentum on this series. I want to work on my OTHER series too and get the next book in that one out. Often I paralyze myself by thinking about all the things I want to do–and then not doing any of them.

Why did I become a writer again?

September 5 question – What publishing path are you considering/did you take, and why?

I went the traditional route, though I did self-publish two books just to see what it was like. I probably didn’t do things the way most self-published people do, because I didn’t spend any money on publishing them outside of the stock photos I bought for the covers. I’m blessed that I have graphic design skills and could do my own. I’m also a pretty damn good self-editor. The books have sold well and gotten some rave reviews so…I guess I did good?

The thing is though, I don’t think I’d do it again (apart from self-pubbing the last book in the series, which I’m working on). Only because while I CAN do the work to get them out in the world, I don’t WANT to. I’d rather leave it to the publishing house. Self-publishing is a job in itself and I’d rather just write and hand it to someone else to turn into a book. Am I lazy? Probably. If I was making money hand over fist self-pubbing I’d probably feel different, but I’m not.

Happy September, everyone!

Author: Megan Morgan

Paranormal and contemporary romance author.

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  1. Bravo, Megan, on your acceptance for another book! And good for you, too, that you can graphic design your own books. As for the marketing, I’m like you. I’d rather write and hand it off to someone else to market. So smart of you, though, to self-publishing the last novel of your series. It’s great to hear of all your success. More power to you.


  2. Congrats on your continued success! And it’s not lazy, being indie isn’t easy and you have to wear all the hats! If some of the stress can be handled by a pub that loves your work, and leave you time to be free to focus only on the words, then go for it!!! Hope you get the cooler weather soon.


  3. I SO identify with the thought-excess-paralysis. I’m with you on not wanting to do all the work for production and publication–am happy to do my best with publicity and marketing–so I’m following a trad pub route.

    All the best for your writing this September!


  4. Congrats on 13!

    I think you about nailed it there. Some writers really want to have the control, and thus are willing to do the extra work. And others would rather just focus on the words inside the book, and making more words for the next book. I don’t think it’s lazy. I think it’s like some people wanting to eat what they cook and others having delivery because they don’t feel they cook well or just hate the kitchen. No shame in knowing your own strengths, capabilities, and desires.


  5. I hire out editing, formatting, and cover design, so the only part of being indie that is a pain is the marketing, but traditionally published authors have to do that, too. Keeping all the royalties is worth the work.


  6. I work too and always have. I can’t see taking on the tasks of self-publishing and have similar productivity worries about my own writing while working. Good luck with your new book coming out.


  7. This brutally accurate summary speaks to me, on a soul level. LOL. I would so much rather focus on writing the most amazing work I can, which is plenty of work by itself, and have a publisher to help with the rest. I’ll happily pitch in with marketing and promotion, another full time job.


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