Summer is here in my part of the world! Finally. Summer is my second favorite season, after fall–only because I love the colors so much in fall. Although, spring is pretty too…

Let’s just say I like any season that ISN’T winter, shall we?

I probably like summer so much because we tend to have mild, temperate summers. It can get scorching hot, but only for a few days at a time here and there, usually not until late July and August. Other than that, it’s mostly in the 70’s and low 80’s, which to me is the perfect range of temperatures. Summer is great–it’s a time to open windows, when everything is green, and going outside doesn’t involve 15 minutes of putting on multiple layers like it does here in the winter. Maybe I just need to move somewhere it’s summer all year around. But then I’d miss fall.

Are we just going to talk about the weather all day?

I have a new book coming out Wednesday! I’m excited about it. You can check out the cover reveal I did last week to learn more about it. I have a book out on submission too, this one a paranormal romance–much as I like writing contemporary and will continue to do so, paranormal is my first love. I’m writing the sequel to it and also plotting another Man Catalog book. Between work and other stresses in my life, I’m afraid I might lose my mind this summer if I don’t have writing to keep me busy. So I’m trying to do just that!

How is the weather where you are? Got any plans for the new season, or any writing plans?

12 thoughts on “Summer!

  1. In Auckland, New Zealand, winter is just starting…it is pretty mild but the houses are so poorly insulated that it feels like it’s freezing! Roll on spring! 😄


    1. Oh no! I hope you have a mild winter through and through!


  2. The weather here in Michigan has been nice. We had a few days of humidity that hubby said was on par with Mississippi, but then it cooled back down to something more tolerable.


    1. Sounds nice! It’s warm here but not too humid.


  3. So much talk of the weather when you have a book coming out!!? Ha ha! You would think that would be a LITTLE more important! 😅🤣 I’m excited to check it out!! 💖👍🍻


    1. Ha! I’m definitely excited, but I’m glad it’s summer too! Thank you!

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  4. Congrats on your new book, Megan. And I’m enjoying summer too.


  5. You are busy!
    We get very hot and humid here, so I prefer winter. A place with a mild summer like yours would be nice.


    1. Yeah, I think if summers were really bad here I wouldn’t like them as much. Thank you!


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