Not so bad after all.

From time to time on this blog, in addition to sharing, teaching, pulling my hair out, and bemoaning the hardships of writing, I’m also going to talk about the things I love. Those things I HEART about writing. When you stop by and just want a little inspiration, hit up the I Heart Writing category!

What I HEART ❤ About Writing…

Finding out what you wrote isn’t so bad after all.

We all know the first draft can be unwieldy and clunky, and definitely in my case, it needs a lot of fixing up in the revision stage. However, I usually blast my way through the first draft, wincing, feeling like all of it will probably be crap when I go back and read it and I’ll have to do A LOT of work. Sometimes, I don’t even feel like I conveyed the emotion and point I wanted to get across. It’s like trying to paint a beautiful picture in your head, only you can barely draw stick figures in real life.

But then, when I do a read-through and start the process of alteration, I often find that some of what I wrote is really good! Or at least, most of it isn’t nearly as bad as I imagined. That’s always a pleasant surprise. What’s more, I find I did convey what I wanted to get across–it just didn’t feel that way at the time I was writing it, for some reason or another. The more this happens, the more I try to make myself trust the process while I’m actually writing. After all, it’s probably going to turn out better than I expect, so I should let go of the anxiety surrounding it.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have to cut, chop, and rearrange as well. I certainly don’t produce perfect manuscripts every time. Some things just don’t work, and often I can be too wordy and repetitive. Sometimes the writing makes me wince. But at least there’s the bright spots as well, and I generally seem to be on track, so I’m not too disheartened. And at least I have the editing and revision stage to make it ever better.

Today I heart…finding out I’m a better writer than I believed!

Author: Megan Morgan

Paranormal and contemporary romance author.

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