It’s not over yet.

I’ve decided to start giving you a thought on Fridays, to bring us into the weekend. It may be deep, it may be silly (more often silly, knowing myself) but feel free to chime in with your own Friday Thoughts!

Friday Thought:

My story arc is not finished yet.

Of course being a writer, I think of my life in terms of a book. I’ve gone through so many “chapters” or phases in my life, it’s sometimes startling to look back on. I’m not the same person now I was ten years ago, or even five. I’m definitely not the person I was twenty years ago. I go through different periods of interests, tastes, and ambitions. I live in different places and know different people. That might sound frantic and unstable, but it’s actually very heartening.

When I get in slump, and things look bleak all around me, I tell myself “this won’t last.” Of course it won’t, because why should I think this is the last chapter of my book? Why should I believe this is where my story arc concludes? The page will eventually turn, and I’ll move on to the next part of the plot.

And so will you.

I guess I got deep on this one!

Sting has a beautiful and amazing song on this theme. Enjoy it as you head into your weekend.

Author: Megan Morgan

Paranormal and contemporary romance author.

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