Writing Spaces

Where do you write? Do you have a “writing desk,” and if so, what does it look like?

I always enjoy cool articles like this, that show off the work spaces and writing desks of famous authors. I like to see where the magic happens, but also, I like seeing that they’re often just like me–they want comfort, they can be just as disorganized and cluttered as I am, and above all, the most important trait of creativity isn’t where you write, but the fact you show up to get it done at all.

Then of course, there’s Danielle Steel’s desk, and don’t we all hope to achieve this level of self-satisfaction in our careers someday?

The space where a writer writes varies by the writer (say that ten times fast). Some writers want a lot of space to spread out–room for their notes, research, coffee, and a place for the cat to sit, of course. Other writers don’t need a lot of space, as they keep the experience of writing minimal. Some writers want a window to look out of and let the air in, while others find scenery too distracting. Some want a nice cozy corner and some want a big, airy room. Some writers need silence so they can concentrate, with no one around, and some writers thrive on background noise and company while they write.

Of course, other things limit a writer’s space. Some of us don’t have the room in our house to carve out a space just for writing, and we don’t have the money to move to a bigger place, or buy a fancy (or even plain) desk. Some of us have physical limitations that don’t let us sit on certain kinds of furniture for too long, or hunch over a keyboard for extended periods of time. Some writers struggle to find the space and time in the normal world, let alone have a singular, holy space where it all gets done regularly.

As for myself, I have a confession–only during one period in my life did I have a dedicated space to write. When I was younger, and first married, there was a nook in our bedroom (I think it was meant to be a vanity) where I set up my writing space. It was nice, and cute, but rather small. However, there was space for my word processor and it had a drawer and it made me happy. Other than that (we only lived there about a year) I’ve always just wrote wherever the computer happens to be. Especially later on, when I got a laptop, that could be anywhere.

Nowadays, I simply sit on the couch in the living room and put my laptop on my lap (I have a lap desk for it) and write. I have a nice view out the balcony doors. I keep my needed items like notebooks and my planner on the second level of my three-tier coffee table. Sometimes when I’m really lazy, I just prop myself up in bed and write there. However, this arrangement works for me because of my lifestyle. I have no small children, and I’m divorced. My adult son and I are roommates and we work opposite shifts, so the apartment is quiet and nothing distracts me no matter where I am. Except, of course, when my cat decides I’ve been paying way too much attention to the keyboard and my fingers would be put to better use petting her. I’ve always been a “write anywhere” sort of writer, though. I actually put more focus on the writing software and computer I use (I like ease and simplicity, and I’m a bit of a tech head) than where I use it.

I could, I suppose, set up a desk in my bedroom, and I’ve given it fleeting thoughts, but why bother when the couch is so comfy?

Where do you write? If you have a picture of your writing space to share in the comments, please do! I always like to see where writers get it done.

Author: Megan Morgan

Paranormal and contemporary romance author.

10 thoughts

  1. I write and edit on the couch, too. And in bed. And pretty much wherever I am. I try to sit at the dining room table once in a while so I can have notebooks spread out around me when I’m scheduling social media, but that’s about the only time I can sit still on a real chair or bench.

    I’ve thought about getting a desk set up, or one of those workstation bicycles, but they don’t seem stable enough and I’m hesitant to spend a bunch of money on something that makes me work more, lol.


  2. I’ve never had a work space at my house. It’s too small. I have a table top stand on my dining room table where I work when I want to stand and sometimes sit on my bed and work like you. Sounds like we’re similar writers that way.


  3. Thank you for a great post. The one word to describe my writing space is, “Chaos.” Now that my youngest is away a college, I finally have more room. I like a quiet, slightly gloomy area, with just a small light, plenty of pens, and notepads to put my initial thoughts down, my laptop, and an ever-present cup of coffee. Thanks again, and take care.


  4. I have my own office and that’s where I do all of my writing. There is a window, but I’m usually glancing up at the television instead. (Which is always on. Sound muted of course – that would interfere with the music playing.) I don’t think I could write in bed though. I’d just fall asleep.


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