In a hundred years…

This week, I thought I’d do something funny. With a lack of blog post ideas in my head, I went over to HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator to see if it could help me come up with some topics. You have to input three nouns, so I chose “writing,” “authors,” and “books.” Most of the results actually gave me a laugh, so this week I’m going to make posts from the funniest ones on the list. Enjoy!

What Will Authors Be Like In 100 Years?

This one cracked me up. Let’s see if we can predict the future:

Given what writers were like 100 years ago compared to now, I’d say: pretty much the same. While technology changes, what makes people want to write, and all the joy, anxiety, and insanity surrounding it doesn’t change. The literary giants of 100 years ago were probably just as neurotic and self-doubting as you are. Maybe even more! Back then, the simplified way we can connect with editors and agents, and the ease of self-publishing, didn’t exist. Also, sadly, people read a lot more back then, and books were much more a part of everyday and popular culture, so you really had to shine to be part of that group known as “authors.”

I figure technology will continue to improve, making it easier to write. I know speech-to-text already exists, but I’m so awkward at having a normal conversation, I can’t imagine trying to speak my stories out loud in any coherent manner. Maybe they’ll invent a chip you put in your brain that turns your thoughts to text, but that could go wildly wrong, as well. I could just imagine all the other weird things that float through my head sneaking into the narrative. What a plot!

Or, maybe I’m completely wrong. Maybe in the future, all writers will be turned into robots and we’ll conquer the galaxy with our brilliant tales. Or at least, someone will write that story.

What do you think? How will things be different in 100 years?

Author: Megan Morgan

Paranormal and contemporary romance author.

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