Back from New Orleans!

So, I spent last weekend in New Orleans’ French Quarter celebrating my best friend’s birthday. We had a blast! How about some pictures?

We ate a little bit of food…(everything there is SO good!)
Our hotel was ready for Christmas.
There was LOTS of Christmas in New Orleans!

We saw a jazz parade!
And enjoyed jazz in bars.
I love Jackson Square (not us in the picture).
And Bourbon Street, of course!
Such a pretty place.

Did I mention the FOOD?
All in all, a wonderful trip, with beautiful weather and great times!


I’ll be back next week with regularly scheduled blogging. Everyone have a great weekend!

10 thoughts on “Back from New Orleans!

  1. It looks wonderful! Warmth, jazz, food…. I don’t know if I would thrive anywhere outside Kentuckiana, but I’d sure like an extended visit there!


    1. It’s really a great place to visit! If you ever get the chance to, definitely jump on it!


  2. I love NOLA! It’s my favorite city. Lived there many years ago, went for a Grateful Dead concert and stayed, and have gone back multiple times a year since.

    Nice to meet you, by the way. I’m sonofabeach96, but most call me SOB, Beach, or T. I’ll answer to any of those. 😊


    1. Hi there, welcome to the blog! Since the first time I went six years ago I’ve said I’d love to live there someday. Among other things, I’ve had enough of this cold up north!

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      1. Ha! No doubt! We live in KY and that’s as far north as I care to be. If you ever get the chance to live there, take it. You won’t regret it. 😊😊

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  3. Glad you had a good time. I like that little corner as well.


  4. Great picks. I always enjoyed visiting New Orleans.


    1. Me too! Can’t wait to go back!


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