Slow It Down

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I can’t believe it’s November already! Halloween has passed us by and now Thanksgiving and Christmas approach. I swear it was just summer the other day. I once read there’s an actual psychological reason that time passes faster as we get older: experiencing new things tends to make our perception of time ‘slow down’ as our brain needs to concentrate and gather new information. As children, everything was new and the world moved slowly (remember the agony of waiting for your birthday or Christmas?). As we age our lives become more and more routine and our brain is basically on autopilot and not paying attention to the passage of time. So clearly, the way to slow down time is to have new experiences!

In that vein, my insecurity this month is that I wish I could have some new writing experiences. I have a few projects going but I feel sort of sluggish and bored with them. With writing in general, really. I’m probably just going through a fallow period but it all seems kind of dull and meaningless and I find myself scowling at the page. I need some fresh material to get my brain paying attention again!

But then I also ask myself: is it wise to start something new when I need to finish all this other stuff first? Ugh!


November 1st Question: Win or not, do you usually finish your NaNo project? Have any of them gone on to be published?

I’ve only done NaNoWriMo once, and Camp NaNoWriMo once, and I used both as tools to complete projects that I was already contracted for through publishers. I think NaNoWriMo is a great event for people who want a kick in the pants to get some writing done, or want to increase their productivity as writers and develop good writing habits. I think it helps bring writers together in community and fun. However, for the most part I personally write just as much any other month so I don’t get a whole lot of additional benefits from it. I wish everyone doing it the best and I hope you have loads of fun!

Author: Megan Morgan

Paranormal and contemporary romance author.

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  1. It’s hard to keep motivated when you are tired of a project. Sometimes, just to write something fresh I do some scene storming. I pick a sentence out of the air or out of something I am reading and just write. It’s fun and sometimes sparks ideas.


  2. I throw in short stories when I hit slumps, ones with specific deadlines. Usually, when I’m working on ideas/editing on those, my mind keeps drifting back to one of my ‘set aside’ manuscripts. I jot notes and gain fresh air. If that doesn’t work, I set them aside and start something new. (Makes for a heave shelf)


    1. I’ve definitely experienced this before. If I actually make myself focus on something, it usually gets flowing smoothly sooner or later. I need to buckle down! Maybe the problem isn’t inspiration but discipline.


    1. Short stories are definitely a good way to flex your creative muscles. There’s always anthologies out there that take short stories.

      Btw, I was JUST over at your site today looking at the Author Toolbox blog hop, what a coincidence! I think I’m going to sign up for it after your break is over!


  3. Good explanation of the flight of time. Geez, wasn’t it just New Year’s with new resolutions? Slowing down and smelling the roses makes a lot of sense. It does seem like NaNo would be a good kick in the pants to rev up the writing.


  4. I think we all go through slumps. I don’t have out nearly as many books as you, and still have hit the slumps. Which is probably why I don’t have anything out. LOL Well that and a bevy of other reasons. Anyway I’m sure you’ll push through and get back in the fun of writing.
    I’m trying NaNo for the first time. I’m super slow so I’m hoping it’ll take some of the pressure I put on myself to get it ‘perfect’ the first time and just do as many say and let the first draft be ‘crappy’ and worry about edits later.


    1. Slumps suck, but I know they’re part of the writing life–no matter what stage you’re at!

      Good luck with NaNo! It’s definitely something where you just have to get the words out and not worry about how good or bad they are.


  5. “But then I also ask myself: is it wise to start something new when I need to finish all this other stuff first? Ugh!” I hear you. Part of me wants to jump right in and start a new project, but then the post-its reminding me of what I’m supposed to be doing (rewrites for this month) mock me with their details and deadlines. Sigh. At least with this routine time will fly 😉


  6. Hoo, boy. I guess I need to pay more attention and maybe slow time down some. Seems like we are always racing forward to the next thing.

    I like the NaNo kick in the pants, though I can do nearly as well anytime, as long as I’m drafting. Editing, now, if I could get the same boost for that from something, I’d embrace it without all my heart!
    My IWSG Post


    1. I know what you mean! I always feel like I missed something because time has passed me by. Time to pay better attention.

      Maybe they need to start a National Novel Editing Month! Thanks for stopping by!


  7. So interesting. When I see someone like you, who is such a prolific writer you are and how many books you’ve had published, I’m always surprised to find out that they go through “bleh to writing” periods. Hope you get your writing mojo back soon. 🙂


    1. Awww, thank you so much for saying that! I definitely go through them, though. I have a love-hate relationship with writing, I think. I yell I’M BREAKING UP WITH YOU!!! but I know, deep down, we’ll be making up tomorrow. 😀

      Thanks for stopping by!


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