Fall is here!

Everyone who knows me is well aware that autumn is my absolute favorite season. Today is the beginning of it here in the northern hemisphere and I’m more than ready! I’m a bit crazy about it, really–I’ve decorated my house for fall and I’ve been drinking pumpkin spice for a couple weeks already. The leaves here started to turn before August was even over, and the color change is increasingly widespread.

Bring on Halloween! Thanksgiving! All of it!

Do you love fall? What’s your favorite season?

Author: Megan Morgan

Paranormal and contemporary romance author.

5 thoughts

  1. Just when I thought I could start slobbing it up with cardigans and layers, it got hot here again (like your area). What’s up with that? I’m looking for crisp fall air and applie pie-baking time! Right now, I can’t even turn on my oven because my house is so hot, haha. Fall is certainly my favorite season—sweatshirts and maybe shorts, maybe jeans, but flip flops until it snows. (Yes, don’t be jealous, I’m a fashion queen even if nobody recognizes it . . . or imitates it.) I think my favorite thing this time of year, though, is that we live right in the middle of grape country and the air smells INCREDIBLE for about a solid month.


    1. I know! No hint of ACTUAL fall in the air around here, at least not yet. And I feel you on the flip-flops! I don’t put on ‘real’ shoes until it gets too cold. It’s just too much dang work. 😉


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