In Rememberance

Today is a somber day in the US, the anniversary of the most significant event in American history that I have personally witnessed. I, like many others, will never forget that day, or the days following. While there was a lot of bad, there was a lot of good too, in the way people came together helping and supporting each other.

I refuse to get involved in the politics and controversy that surround this day. Instead, I choose to honor and memorialize those who lost their lives, which is as it should be.

4 thoughts on “In Rememberance

  1. That’s what the day should be about. I had the chance to visit Ground Zero earlier this year and it was an overwhelming experience, just thinking about what was lost and what that day meant.


    1. I think it’s very important to focus on the good that came from that day and the way people put aside their personal ideologies and helped each other. It was a terrible but amazing experience.


  2. We came together then in an amazing way.


    1. We did. I try to remember that when I think of that day.


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