For the next couple weeks, I’m giving serious answers to the questions in my humorous post The Top 10 Things People Say to Writers, and How You Should Respond. So when you’re tired of being snarky this will help you give some constructive–and helpful–answers to your non-writer friends and family.

On to number five!

5. Do you know (famous author)?

I really only included this on the list because a curious, slightly odd coworker once quizzed me as to if I knew several famous romance authors, Diana Gabaldon among them. I suppose it’s an easy assumption to make, since writer’s conventions do happen all the time, and I’m sure a number of big-time authors know each other. Sadly, though, the only ~famous author~ I’ve ever rubbed shoulders with is Brandon Sanderson, and I can’t say I know the man. We just sat on several writing panels together, along with other authors, at a convention. He’s very nice and very focused.

It would be great if we did all get together, say once a month, in a big gymnasium somewhere and mingled and wrote together, maybe exchanged ideas and drank coffee and/or wine. Given the nature of writers and our squirrelly habits, it would either be the best party ever or the worst.

My funny reply on the list: Yes. We just got done having sex.

A more constructive answer: No, there’s a lot of us, and we don’t all hang in the same social circles. Do you know any famous people?

How about you? Have you ever met a famous author? Do you KNOW them?

Author: Megan Morgan

Paranormal and contemporary romance author.

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