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Hey, hey! If you’re part of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group (and if you’re not–joining is easy) there’s a couple upcoming things that you might want to be a part of:

July 31st is the deadline to submit an article for the The IWSG Guide to Writing for Profit.

What to write: Share experiences about making a profit as an author, what it takes to become a successful writer, the many skills a writer needs to learn other than writing, share the experience going from hobby writer to published author (without making it a self-promotion piece), the fallacies behind writing for profit, the little known facts learned along the way, what you wished you knew when you first started writing, or marketing tips based on experience of what has worked and what hasn’t.

If you gave any questions, email us at admin AT insecurewriterssupportgroup.com

Word limit: 500-1000 words.

Submission eligibility: All members of the IWSG Blog Hop, IWSG Facebook group and/or members of our IWSG Goodreads Book Club. It’s free to join any of these groups and a great benefit to be a part of these communities.

Deadline: July 31, 2017

Send your piece to admin AT insecurewriterssupportgroup.com as an attached Word document and note which IWSG group you belong to. Please include your name, a one line bio, and one website link.

***The BEST 100 articles will be included in the book!***

Also, July 27th is the first ever IWSG Twitter pitch party! Here’s how you can catch the eye of agents and publishers with your complete, polished, unpublished manuscript:

July 27, 2017

8:00 am to 8:00 pm Eastern Time

All writers and authors are invited to participate in our very first Twitter Pitch.

Create a Twitter-length pitch for your completed and polished manuscript and leave room for genre, age, and the hashtag. On July 27, Tweet your pitch. If your pitch receives a favorite/heart from a publisher/agent check their submission guidelines and send your requested query.

Many writers have seen their books published from a Twitter pitch – it’s a quick and easy way to put your manuscript in front of publishers and agents.


Writers may send out 1 Twitter pitch every 1 hour per manuscript.

Publishers/Agents will favorite/heart pitches they are interested in. Publishers can either Tweet basic submission guidelines or direct writers to their submission guidelines. (Writers, please do not favorite/heart pitches.)

No images allowed in pitches.

Pitches must include GENRE/AGE and the hashtag #IWSGPit.

#C – children’s
#MG – middle grade
#YA – young adult
#NA – new adult
#A – adult
#AD – adventure
#CF – Christian fiction
#CO – contemporary
#F – fantasy
#H – horror
#HI – historical
#LF – literary fiction
#MCT – mystery/crime/thriller
#ME – memoir
#NF – non-fiction
#PB – picture book
#PN – paranormal
#R – romance
#SF – sci-fi
#WF – women’s fiction

Check out IWSG’s Twitter pitch party page for a list of all the agents and editors participating so far!

I’m definitely going to write an article for the first one and TRY to get my currently finished but not polished manuscript ready before the pitch party. *sweats* Will you be joining us?

Have a great weekend!

Author: Megan Morgan

Paranormal and contemporary romance author.

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