Summer’s Here!

It’s the first day of summer here in the northern hemisphere! Summer is by far my favorite season…I don’t like the cold! Give me heat and sunshine any day. I can just turn on the air conditioner, or hit the pool!

Do you have any exciting plans for summer? So far, I’m not going on vacation or anything this year (work is kind of preventing that) but I am going to see U2 on July 1st with my friend Rebecca in an outdoor stadium. You can’t get much more summer than an outdoor concert, huh?

Have a great summer! Or, if you’re at the bottom of the world, winter!

5 thoughts on “Summer’s Here!

  1. Spring is my favorite time of year because that means the snow is going away and green is starting to appear.
    Have fun seeing U2. Live concerts are a blast.

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  2. Have a great one! We don’t have any holidays planned, but we’re enjoying getting settled into our new house. Much more spacious and relaxing than the last one.

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  3. I’m hunkering down under AC for the summer, but we’re going places in December…if all goes according to plan. Oh, I hope things going according to plan.

    Enjoy your concert! (I love U2.)

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    1. I hope they do for you! This is my first time seeing them, but my friend who’s going with me has seen them TONS! One Republic is also opening for them at our date and I LOVE One Republic!


  4. I love summer too! I already had my summer holiday so I’ll be taking it easy…have fun!

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