Z Is For Zero Days

For the Blogging From A to Z Challenge I’m doing you all a huge favor and filling you in on the 26 Things To Hate About Writing.** I’m hoping by the end of April, I will have convinced all of you not to indulge in the wild insanity of becoming a writer. If I can save even one person from offering themselves up in sacrifice to the mad and fickle word gods, I will have done some good in this world.

Check out each letter’s post here.


Have you heard about the concept of No More Zero Days? It’s a motivational speech that some aggravatingly happy person who obviously loves their life came up with on Reddit. The speech has since turned into a feel-good movement helping people reach their goals. The idea is that to reach the most important goals in our lives, we must focus on having No More Zero Days. In other words, every single day we do something that invests in our goals, no matter how small or big. As writers, that means if we want to write, and be published, we work on it every day, whether it’s fifty words or five thousand. We don’t leave any days at zero. This works on a lot of other goals, as well.

One of the worst things about writing is…writing. But on the other hand, the ABSOLUTE worst thing about writing is…not writing. Consider:

– Every day that we don’t put a few words down at least, we turn into cantankerous old coots yelling at kids to get off our lawn. If we don’t have a lawn, we yell at kids to get off the neighbor’s lawn, which ends awkwardly because it turns out those are the neighbor’s kids.
– It feels good to see the end results of our hard labor, but we don’t ever get to enjoy those fruits if we don’t make them grow. Turns out there’s no magic wand we can wave, and according to Harry Potter we’d have to learn magic first anyway, and that’s hard too.
– We were called to be writers for some reason, so I suppose we ought to listen. Our brains aren’t going to shut up about it anyway, no matter how much ice cream and toys we buy to distract them.

No More Zero Days. We’re going to do this writing thing, when it’s working out and going smoothly, and when it’s bad and like trying to climb a mountain with our bare hands and an angry 500 lb. gorilla on our backs. We’re trying to reach the summit, and we’re not going to get there until we turn our gaze upward and climb.

Sigh. Maybe I’ll give this writing thing one more try.

**Disclaimer: If you haven’t figured it out, these posts are pure satire and simply a humorous way to vent my writing frustrations. No offense is intended to anyone. Please, become or continue being a writer. It’s awesome, I swear. It’s super…duper, awesome…heh heh.

Well, IT’S OVER, folks! I hope everyone made it through the challenge unscathed, with your mind at least partly intact, and you feel like you learned and/or accomplished something. The wild ride of April has finally pulled into the station, and honestly, it’s kind of a relief.

On the subject of No More Zero Days, Eli Pacheco introduced me to 750 Words during the challenge and I’ve been doing it ever since. It’s a great way to not only get a little writing done every day, but there’s lots of motivation in the form of collecting badges and exploring a community of writers. It’s free for 30 days and then $5 a month after. There’s also monthly challenges. Come on over and join me and reach your goals!

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who came by my blog this month, left comments, followed me, and just made the challenge in general the great, interactive good time that it is. I’m an avid blogger so this blog won’t go quiet after this, not by far. In fact, I’ve already got posts queued up for this week. Hope to see you back!

A to Z Challenge, over and out!

Author: Megan Morgan

Paranormal and contemporary romance author.

26 thoughts

  1. I’m so glad to have found this thanks to Scattergun Scribblings. I plan on going through each letter on a daily basis. ~grin~ And I know all about becoming cantankerous. Now, I’m off to edits. Happy Writing!


  2. “If we don’t have a lawn, we yell at kids to get off the neighbor’s lawn, which ends awkwardly because it turns out those are the neighbor’s kids.” lmao! XD

    The A-Z challenge has definitely got me back into writing mode, which I’m really happy for. Writing 365 days a year is something I’m going to shy away from, just knowing how draining it was writing for 6 days straight with only 1 day off. So my plan is to write most days, but to have weekends “off”, for brain reset. (Of course as I’m a pantser maybe I’ll end up writing every day anyway lol!)

    Congratulations on finishing the A-Z Challenge! Your blog has been so much fun to read through April. 😀 I’ll definitely be coming back – you’re in my bookmarks now.

    Here’s my “Z” post 🙂 http://nataliewestgate.com/2017/05/zealous-secret-diary-of-a-serial-killer


  3. I’ve been writing a little bit every day (or nearly every day, even when I’m not putting it on paper or in Word it’s in my head) since September of last year, first working on one fan fiction story, then getting an idea for another one part way in and starting on it and then running with it and putting the other aside for now (but all I have to do is re-read my last chapter to be able to pick up where I left off, I’m just having too much fun with this one at the moment). It’s a royal pain sometimes to keep writing, I know where I want to go but sometimes figuring out where to start the next scene is a chore. But then I re-read the last couple pages and remember what I wanted to do next, and I’m off and running for another 20 pages (handwritten, typed about 18 😛 ).

    This challenge has been fun, even if I did have enough warning to actually get them all written and saved on my laptop in February, then impatiently waiting for April so I could start posting them all. Now I just have to figure out how to keep the momentum going on my blog (my story is practically writing itself at the moment)…


  4. You bring to mind Churchill’s thoughts on Democracy–that it’s the worst form of government in the world, except for all the others (OK, I probably misquoted that but you get the idea). I agree–that’s writing to me, too.


  5. I didn’t know about that philosophy… but I’ve been using it by myself for quite some time now.
    It’s astounding how much work you accomplish if you allpy to it a little bit every day.
    So yeah… since it is a tiny evil, if every day, I think I’ll keep writing after all. Will bild my immuno system 😉

    Congratulation of completing the challenge, Megan. It was a great ride!
    In spite of what I’ve just said above, I would never blog every day, but for a month in a year is a good experience. I think all authors should try it. And meeting all the awesome people taking part to the chalelnge is so motivating!

    The Old Shelter – 1940s Film Noir


    1. It’s certainly amazing how every tiny thing you do can add up to big things. And yes, we made it through the challenge for another year! WHOO! Now back to regularly scheduled blogging, which is far less stressful!


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