Y Is For You

For the Blogging From A to Z Challenge I’m doing you all a huge favor and filling you in on the 26 Things To Hate About Writing.** I’m hoping by the end of April, I will have convinced all of you not to indulge in the wild insanity of becoming a writer. If I can save even one person from offering themselves up in sacrifice to the mad and fickle word gods, I will have done some good in this world.

Check out each letter’s post here.


One of the worst things about writing is you. Yes, YOU, the one reading this. You’re the worst thing that’s ever happened to your writing. And you, and you, and…me? Yes, me too. I screwed it up for all of us! I regret nothing! Well, I do regret a few things. I guess if I had ignored the muse in the first place this never would have happened. I could have led a nice quiet life as a firefighter or lion tamer, which are far less stressful and chaotic jobs, I’m sure. I mean, you never see either of those people crying over their keyboards or punching computer screens.

It turns out YOU are the worst enemy of your writing, and I am the worst enemy of my writing. How did this happen? I just wanted to write about werewolves and sex! Here’s how YOU get in the way of your writing:

YOU judge your work too harshly and criticize it constantly.
YOU spend time doing other things instead of writing, all this procrastinating and wasting time.
YOU feel like a talentless hack even when you finish something, see it published, or get a glowing compliment on it.
YOU feel like everything you do is unoriginal and awful.
YOU have a tumultuous love/hate relationship with your work.

It seems I do these things too. It seems we all become our biggest haters and harshest critics, we trash our work far more than any reader or reviewer ever could or would. We doubt ourselves and our work, we feel like we’re not writing enough, or good enough, and compare ourselves to others needlessly. We’re always getting in the way of ourselves and the joy that writing can bring. We would never tear down other writers the way we tear ourselves down, yet here we are.

Gosh, WE are just awful people, aren’t we?

**Disclaimer: If you haven’t figured it out, these posts are pure satire and simply a humorous way to vent my writing frustrations. No offense is intended to anyone. Please, become or continue being a writer. It’s awesome, I swear. It’s super…duper, awesome…heh heh.

Author: Megan Morgan

Paranormal and contemporary romance author.

14 thoughts

  1. My worst accomplishment, far aside from the best in polishing eleven of my twenty-some short stories, is spooking my physical muse. ~cringe~ I feel bad. Has anyone else reached out and felt guilty after the fact?


  2. Oh yes, I’ve definitely ticked a few of those boxes. One of my as-yet-unfinished fantasy novels has been a WiP for years, because I keep hating everything I’ve written and have an internal war over if I should just carry on and edit after it’s finished, or just scrap it and start again. I tried the former first (which was horrid for my brain), and then tried the latter (which has been a better success). I’m still not happy with it, but at least this draft is one I’m not constantly beating myself up over.

    Also, I can’t believe this challenge month has gone by so fast! 😀

    Here’s my “Y” post 🙂 http://nataliewestgate.com/2017/04/yearning-secret-diary-of-a-serial-killer


  3. I don’t blame myself for my writing, I blame you. Yes you! The hot chick who wrote this blog article. I’m a firm believer in self-serving bias, and since I can’t ever be at fault for my life, I thus blame the next logical person, a fellow writer.


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