Blogging From A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal

This is my third year doing the challenge, and it’s time to bring the truth.

For the Blogging From A to Z Challenge I’m doing you all a huge favor and filling you in on the 26 Things To Hate About Writing.** I’m hoping by the end of April, I will have convinced all of you not to indulge in the wild insanity of becoming a writer. If I can save even one person from offering themselves up in sacrifice to the mad and fickle word gods, I will have done some good in this world.

Here’s 26 things that are just the worst about writing:

A – Authors
B – Books
C – Creating Characters
D – Dialog
E – Edits
F – Fantasy Worlds
G – Grammar
H – Homophones
I – Inconsistencies
J – Jealousy
K – Killing Your Darlings
L – Language
M – Message
N – Notes
O – Originality
P – Plot
Q – Quantity
R – Readers
S – Self-Publishing
T – Transitions
U – Unfinished Manuscripts
V – Viewpoint
W – Word Count
X – Xeriscaping
Y – You
Z – Zero Days

Take heed! Hear my warning. Do not let yourself fall prey to this insidious pastime called writing, for down that path is nothing but tears, aggravation, folly, and disappointment. Not to mention: deadlines! Plot holes! Poor character development! Awful dialog! Rejection! Grammar mistakes! Bad reviews! Oooooh, it’s enough to chill the blood. WRITE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

**Disclaimer: If you haven’t figured it out, this theme will be pure satire and simply a humorous way to vent my writing frustrations. No offense is intended to anyone. Please, become or continue being a writer. It’s awesome, I swear. It’s super…duper, awesome…heh heh.

Author: Megan Morgan

Paranormal and contemporary romance author.

93 thoughts

  1. I am looking forward to it. Your theme last year was absolutely one of my favorites. I still think about it from time to time as I write ridiculous things. I even mentioned it in my writing group last week.


    1. Oh my God, that’s AWESOME. 😀 I’ve been considering putting it in a handy e-book format and giving it away for free. Several folks have told me I should. Hmmm…maybe I could get that done before the challenge starts again…

      Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hilarious A-Z theme idea! Can’t wait to read them all! isn’t participating this year (too much going on) but we’ll be reading blogs and cheering for the rest of you taking part in the insanity. 🙂


  3. Megan you intrigued me so with your theme I had to immediately follow you so I would not lose our connection. I know trying to remember so many new blogs will be too much of a challenge for my already harried mind, especially when trying to coordinate the A to Z posts.


  4. Sounds like you’ve got great, fun posts lined up for April! Looking forward to reading those posts. All the best and happy blogging! 😊 Here’s my A to Z Challenge 2017 theme reveal post.


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