It’s Coming!

I realized with a shock this past weekend that January is almost over, and The Blogging From A to Z Challenge will be upon us in three short months! I always try to queue up my posts in February so that when April rolls around, I can sail through the challenge. Last year, of course, my theme was Pandora’s Tacklebox, the worst romance novel ever written in 26 days. I came up with a theme for this year while writing this week’s IWSG post. Now let’s see if I can capture any of the wit and humor of last year.

Nothing is officially scheduled on the site yet, but I hover anxiously, awaiting sign-ups. Are you in this year?

Edit: There will be a big announcement about the challenge February 6th!

11 thoughts on “It’s Coming!

  1. So you’re doing it? Me too! 🙂
    I’ve been researching like a mad woman, and I’m still not done, but I’m confident that I’ll be (kind) of ready come April. Can’t wait to test the new way the organises have devised. I don’t think it will be as terrible as many seem to think.

    (sorry for the late reply. I’m playing catch up because I’ve been leptop-less for almost 2 weeks. Horrible!)


    1. No problem at all! Definitely gonna do it. I have the posts all written but I actually need to put them on my blog to be all queued up. Yay A-Z Challenge!


  2. I have been watching and waiting for weeks. Looking forward to the announcement!


  3. I hope to do it this year. It was a lot of fun last year.


  4. Like Alex said, there are big changes coming… okay, maybe not that big…


    1. Can’t wait to find out what they are!


  5. Keep watching. They are doing things differently this year.


    1. I see that from the post that went up today! I’m excited!


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