5 Reasons You Should Start A Blog

On Wednesday, I talked about the reasons you should write a book. Even if the industry has too many books and not enough readers, that doesn’t mean we don’t need your book, or that you don’t need your book. If you’re looking for reasons to keep typing, go check it out.

Today, I’m going to tell you why you should start a blog.

I blog three days a week–usually Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, though sometimes it varies. So you may be surprised to hear that I, for the most part, freakin’ hate blogging. More often than not, I’m wracking my brain for the next blog topic and it’s aggravating. I never know what I’m going to write most weeks, unless I already have something lined up. I’m a tour host for Goddess Fish Promotions, because I want to promote other writers, but also because on average it gives me one ready-made post per week. I’m part of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group because it’s an awesome, fun group, but it also gives me a blog topic once a month. I like when it’s easy.

So why do I blog, if I don’t really like it? Well, after you read the list below, maybe you’ll understand.

And here are some reasons why you should add another blog to the internet, because clearly what the internet needs is more blogs:

Five reasons you should start a blog:

  1. It’s cathartic to talk to yourself. When you start out, probably no one is going to be reading your blog, except maybe a few friends who are too nice to tell you no when you ask them to follow you. That’s okay. Blogging is kinda like a diary when you first start out, and it helps you sort your thoughts and learn how you feel about things. It also gives you time to practice before people actually start reading your blog. The more you do it, the better you get at it, and the more interesting things you have to say. It’s okay to fumble around when you first start. Somehow, miraculously, after two years of blogging I have over a thousand subscribers. That means I have to provide some content instead of just talking to myself–and hopefully, I’m managing that. Talk to yourself first, and you will learn to talk to the public.
  2. If you suck at social media, it will give you a platform. I really suck at Twitter and Facebook. I had a personal Twitter a long time ago, and loved using it, but eventually my Twitter fever went away. I have a personal Facebook I’m much more active on than my writing one, but it’s locked to friends and family. My writing Facebook, Twitter, G+, and everywhere else I’m expected to be are mostly full of promotion and regurgitating my blog posts. At least with a blog I’m still reaching an audience, and I can say more here anyway. I can be present without having to be good at everything.
  3. It’s great for procrastinating on your writing. I should be working on the book I’m writing right now, but I’m blogging instead. And I can still say I’m ‘working.’ Ha! Take THAT, productivity!
  4. You can reach people who don’t even read the kind of stuff you write. I know that most of my subscribers don’t even read romance and erotica, but we’ve made friends and enjoy talking to each other because we’ve found each other through places like the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. This is why I started a general writing blog instead of focusing on one genre of writing. I’m more interested in engaging other writers than specifically engaging other romance writers. This is up to you, though–but remember, if you make your blog very specific, you need to find a way to reach that specific audience. Sometimes broader is better. It also gives you a lot of freedom in topic matter, too.
  5. It provides site content. If your website is lacking content, if there’s not much to put on there, a blog puts some meat on the skeleton of your online presence. Also, it can be really good for driving traffic to your site. People come to read your posts and check out the rest of the site–that’s a big bonus!

Whether you have a blog already or you’re considering starting one, you should know this: the internet is infinite, and there’s room for you. If you want to blog, then blog! You have a right to express yourself just like everyone else. And even if you find it aggravating, there’s a lot of good reasons to keep at it

Have a great weekend!

Author: Megan Morgan

Paranormal and contemporary romance author.

14 thoughts

  1. Great pose Megan especially for beginner bloggers like me. I do not have twitter and facebook because I feel it’s sometimes more about your display than your content. I started a blog knowing I was not a brilliant writer but I have learned here more than I ever learned on facebook and twitter. I have met some amazing bloggers and it has helped my writing skills a great deal. The helping environment and network building is great here. Everybody should write. 🙂


    1. I love blogging more than I ever thought I would! I’m definitely not good with social media, so this gives me a place to talk about myself. 😉 Good luck, thank you, and happy blogging!


  2. These are all very good reasons to start a blog, Megan 🙂

    I’ve resisted starting a blog for many years (which I now regret) because… well, I though I had nothing to say. Then, when I approached the ending on my first novel, I realised I should start a blog, becuase every author has one. I should find what to write about.

    At the beginning, I did as you said, I mostly talked about myself. I’ve delated most of those posts, because then I discovered that instead of writing about myself, I could share my passion. I had to force myself, because at the beginning, I chose not to write about the 1920s (which is now the focus of my blog) because I’m not an expert and I thought I would suck at it. But when I decided to take part with the AtoZ and I turned to the 1920s (no way I could write 26 posts on any other subject) I discovered people actually enjoyed those posts. I was shocked!!!!

    But in spite of my hesitations, I’ve enjoyed blogging since day one. I love connecting with other people, it’s been so inspiring. And surspisingly, I love messing up with my blog, changing things all the time, updating.
    I’ve been blogging as long as you’ve done and I don’t have nearly as much followers as you do, but my blog is my baby nonetheless 😉


    1. Those are great reasons to blog! Don’t worry, hang in there. I’ve had to try lots of different tricks to get followers, and what’s more important, interaction. I’m always fiddling with things and changing them too, seeing what works and what I need to throw out.

      Yay fellow bloggers!


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