13 insane things…

I was trying to come up with a blog post subject for today and I decided to check out some ‘blog topic generators.’ There’s a bunch of them listed here, and I used the Portent’s Content Idea Generator. I put ‘writing’ in for the subject and I got some truly hilarious ideas, like this one: 13 Insane (But True) Things About Writing.

That made me laugh. Could I come up with 13 insane (but true) things about writing? Sure I can! Here you go:

13 Insane (But True!) Things About Writing:

  1. YOU kinda have to be insane to be a writer.
  2. People will never ask you things you can readily answer when you tell them you’re a writer. They’ll ask things like “how do you write a book?” (there’s no easy way to answer that) or “when do you have time to write???” (someone who doesn’t even know me asked me this recently, when they have no idea what my schedule/life is like) You will get more strange/hard to answer questions than things you actually want to chat about.
  3. You won’t make much money. But you’ll keep doing it! (See #1)
  4.  If you write urban fantasy, you will never meet a single person in real life who knows what that is, despite it being one of the biggest selling genres in books today.
  5. Additionally, if you write romance, you will inevitably get some sneers and eye rolls, despite the fact romance is THE top genre in books and has been a multi-BILLION dollar industry for multiple years running.
  6. Sometimes you write a whole book, then hate it and never look at it again.
  7. Or, you’ll pull out some God-awful thing you wrote ten years ago and think “hey, I can fix this up and make it better.” You can’t. Move on to something new. After two days of massive revisions, you’re going to hate ten-years-ago you and wish you could go back in time and stab yourself.
  8. You deliberately go read customer/Goodreads reviews on your book, even though you know you shouldn’t do this to yourself.
  9. Writing is a socially-acceptable form of dissociating and hallucinating for hours on end.
  10. At times you know less about what’s going to happen in your own story than a reader would.
  11. No matter how much stuff you have published, sometimes you will lay on the floor and angst about what a hack you are.
  12. Sometimes you ask your cat what’s supposed to happen next in your book.
  13. Sometimes the cat has great ideas.

Well, that was fun! Do you have any to add?

Author: Megan Morgan

Paranormal and contemporary romance author.

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