Some happy news!

Just a little announcement today!

Yesterday, I signed a contract with Siren BookStrand for my paranormal erotic romance It Takes a Thief. It’s tentatively scheduled to be released in August. I will talk more about it and have more information to share soon!

I’m really excited about working with Siren. I’ve heard nothing but good things about them from their authors and they’re one of the top publishers for erotic romance. They seem to be interested in cultivating the careers of authors too, so I’m hoping to publish more with them in the future.

I’m feeling quite positive about writing things right now. This marks my eighth publication (not counting short stories in anthologies) and it will be my second release this year (The Burning City comes out in July and I have a novella, Through the Darkness which will be released in fall/winter with Muse It HOT). My novel-length works are urban fantasy and romance, but I can’t help myself, I like to write smutty novellas, so my shorter works tend to be of the erotic variety. We all need hobbies, don’t we?

Anyway, that’s the good news! More info about it coming soon.

Author: Megan Morgan

Paranormal and contemporary romance author.

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    1. Thank you!

      I don’t have an agent, I just submit directly to publishers (most of them outside of the big five take unagented submissions). I’m not adverse to having an agent, I just think I’m doing fine on my own right now.

      Lots of hard work! LOL Really, this particular story I wrote with Siren in mind. I’d always wanted to be published by them and this past late winter/early spring I was frustrated with another piece of writing and shoved it aside to work on this story. I wrote it pretty fast, in around four weeks, weirdly out of anger and frustration at other things (though it’s not an angry story). I wrote it with Siren in mind (they have a few specific guidelines for their romance) and I was happy they accepted it. I’m not sure where else I would have sent it, as I wasn’t thinking beyond that.

      As for the rest of my publications, they all have their own stories, my first book was years in the making and took about a thousand rewrites. 😀

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