In His Keeping by T.J. Adams

Today I’m hosting T.J Adams and her paranormal romance In His Keeping. T.J. is giving away a $20 Amazon or B&N gift card, so make sure to comment, check out the other stops on the tour, and enter the Rafflecopter giveaway! Each stop on the tour has its own, exclusive excerpt from the book.

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Leave a comment and check out the other stops on the tour for more chances to win–and read more exclusive excerpts!

At eighteen, Elise Duxten must end her life. Her younger sister, Marly, lies dead because of her. To pay for her crimes she sells her soul to the devil in exchange for her sister’s life.

Matrix, King of the crossroads, the Devil’s right hand man for the last twenty years, is willing to make the deal, eager for another pawn. To sweeten the exchange he gives her one year to mourn her decision before he takes her for good.

In that year he’s determined to torment her, driven by envy at the strength in her soul. Though having lived years apart, the same heartless man, Manx Sloazan, destroyed their lives.

With her remaining life, Elise must teach her sister to live without her and find the courage to say goodbye. It won’t be easy. Sloazan is determined to make Elise pay for a bungled drug sale and Matrix wants to torture her soul. Or does he?

With Elise, Matrix has discovered something he thought he’d lost. His heart. But he is the devil’s, without the ability to choose. When the time comes, will he be prepared to let her go in order to save her soul? Or will the Devil make sure he gets what is his due?


A hand smoothed its way up my back, up to my shoulder, resting at the summit and gripping firm. It burned through my flimsy top, the imprint of each finger branded on my skin. Or so it felt. There would be nothing there to see if I looked—a sensation that left no physical mark but seared through my mind and into my memory, his touch destined to be stored alongside all the other longed-to-forget moments.

I turned in no hurry. Who would when the Devil stood behind? Again his beauty stunned me, casting everyone around him into shadow. He stared down at me without removing his hand. The heat began to flow through my body not just at the points where his fingers pressed into my collarbone or where his palm rested on my shoulder. It spread down my arms, through my chest, even reaching my toes.

The burn started intense but the longer he left his hand in place the duller the intensity became, as if my body adjusted and numbed. It wasn’t, however—numb—not my body. It became electrified. The pain of the burn transformed into energy currents pulsing through my veins, turning me into the fabric of energy itself.

Like this, we were connected in some way. I was part of the web of sinners, another who understood the lure of hell, imbued with the power to act without restraint or morality. Invincibility would become my mantle. I saw the truth reflected in his eyes.

This close his eyes were not entirely black. Flecks of color, deep greens and browns, close to his irises, gave expression to the black. They spoke to me, lured me. The world melted away, my problems with it. What about me? Was I disappearing?

Before I was lost he removed his hand, letting it fall to his side, and it’s withdrawal left me caving inward like a junky. Such a beautiful feeling snatched away. As he turned from me and looked out over the crowds and beyond to the buildings, I caught a fragment of some emotion wash across his face, so brief I couldn’t interpret it’s meaning. When he glanced down at me again his face was a mask, but his eyes remained strong. They were now the only things to burn through me. My head spun in circles. I reached behind to grip the wall, needing the support of something solid.

“Come.” His voice was harsh.




TJ Adams couldn’t decide what she wanted to be when she grew up and travelled instead. She returned from overseas with the thrill of adventure still inside, so decided to train as a commercial light aircraft pilot, flying out of the remote aboriginal communities of north Western Australia.

A badly damaged eardrum clipped her wings, and she returned to Perth to complete a BA of science. During this time she meet her husband halfway up a rock face, while engaging in one of her favorite past times, rock climbing.

Somewhat tamed, TJ Adams and hubby settled in the Perth Hills with their three children.

When her children were little, TJ Adams found her new passion—books. Countless books later and the idea of becoming an author emerged.

Her favorite genre is paranormal with her first novel Bound under contract with Eternal press. Unable to stop her fingers from tapping, TJ Adams has since formed a partners with another Perth author, Renee Hammond to complete the Hells Gate series. In His Keeping is her latest release.

Amazon author page:

Enter to win a $20 Amazon/B&N Gift Card

Leave a comment and visit the other stops on the tour for more chances to win–and read other exclusive excerpts!

Author: Megan Morgan

Paranormal and contemporary romance author.

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