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Excuse my dust

Over the next few days I’m going to be doing a bit of tinkering with my website. I want to make it a little more streamlined and professional and make things easier to find.

So if you’re visiting me right now *waves* I apologize for any wonky-ness you might encounter. WordPress has a great preview feature for changes, but not all of them are completely accurate and sometimes it’s not until after you’ve applied them that something appears off. I will try my best to keep things functional while I’m tidying up.

I’ve been considering paying to have my site professionally designed, but I’ve done a lot of my own website work over the years and I’m not sure about paying for something I can probably do myself given enough practice and patience. Do any of you have your sites designed by someone else? Is it worth it? WordPress also offers paid themes that I could do more with, but again, I’d like to see how far I can take it on my own.

I think more important than aesthetics, an author’s site should make it immediately easy for visitors to explore their books, so I’m going to put more focus on that. I’m also not a huge fan of sites that employ too many flash components or animations–not everyone’s computer shows these things correctly. I like to keep things simple.

How about you? What sort of websites are most appealing to you, and what do you want to see when you visit an author’s site?

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Urban fantasy and paranormal romance author.

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  1. I like all types of web sites to be clean, as free of flash and java scripts as possible, and without any running audio or video when I arrive. In my opinion, too many people try to dazzle and it makes the sites load slow or impossible to navigate.


    • I feel the same way. Not to mention a lot of those things don’t work in some people’s browsers, or if they’re on a phone or tablet they may not work at all. Best to keep things as streamlined and simple as possible.

      Thanks for the input!


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