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Open promo post

PROMOBecause it’s the season of sharing and giving (and maybe because I’m too lazy to make a real blog post today) I thought I’d host an open promo post. I have a fair number of blog followers now, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to get to know some of you better–and for you to get to know each other!

So, in the comments today, you can post:

  • A little bit about yourself/what you write/what you do.
  • Your website.
  • Your social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook, G+, Pinterest, Instagram–whatever you have! I’ll try to follow as many of you as I can.
  • Buy links for any of your books.
  • Shoutouts for other authors/books you enjoy, if you like.

Sometimes when people comment with links the spam filter catches it by mistake. I will be keeping an eye on my spam cache today and if your comment gets trapped in it, I’ll make sure to approve it. So never fear if your comment doesn’t appear right away, I’ll wave my wand and make it come back!

Tell us about yourself!



Megan Morgan View All

Urban fantasy and paranormal romance author.

2 thoughts on “Open promo post Leave a comment

  1. Hi Megan, that’s a very generous thing to do, thank you. Happy Christmas to you and yours. My blog is at http://www.kimberleycooperblog.wordpress,com
    I write dark short stories and hot & spicy longer ones – urban fantasy and paranormal romance. I released a collection of 4 paranormal romance stories this year ‘Bodyshifters’, a coming of age novella ‘Adventures of a Girl Death Demon’, and a collection of dark short stories ‘Dark Tales’. My first full length novel ‘Born in the USA’ will be available shortly.
    I’m in the UK, work part time for a local charity, and support my Dad who is in his 80s and frail. There isn’t much spare time after all that, but when I get any, I love walking, and of course, chocolate!
    You can find my Amazon author page at
    Seasons Greetings to you all!


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