Careful what you wish for…

IWSG badgeThis post is part of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group blog hop. The first Wednesday of every month is Insecure Writer’s Support Group day. Post your thoughts on your own blog. Talk about your doubts and the fears you have conquered. Discuss your struggles and triumphs. Offer a word of encouragement for others who are struggling. The awesome co-hosts for the November 4 posting of the IWSG will be Stephen Tremp, Karen Walker, Denise Covey, and Tyrean Martinson!

Right now I have so much writing-related stuff on my plate, I feel like I’m standing at a buffet, slapping spoonful after spoonful on, screaming maniacally, while the entirety of the restaurant (aka everyone in my life/on my Facebook feed) looks on in wide-eyed horror.

I have TWO new releases this month! *screams, slaps two huge mounds of mashed potatoes on*

ALL the publicity that comes with that. *dumps gravy over them*

THREE blog tours–how many blog topics can I possibly pull out of my head before I start writing about something insane like techniques for teaching my cat how to say human words? *cries, dumps meatballs on top* (I am actually doing that, no I’m not crazy, I’ve taught her how to say two words.)

Interviews! *More meatballs? Oh, what the hell.*

Contests! *butter*

More guest posts/interviews on various blogs! *Morrrre butter…* (No really, I’ve taught her how to say ‘Mommy’ and ‘party.’)

Prizes to put together for the publicity/contests/blog posts. *bacon?* (I trained her using food, and those are both words you can sort of meow out, but I swear when she makes the sounds it sounds like she’s saying the words.)

Oh, and I decided to do NaNoWriMo too, so I could finish the next book in my series! *JUST SLAMS THE WHOLE PLATE RIGHT IN HER FACE WHILE LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY*

But really though, isn’t this what I asked for, back in those days when I was crying about “I’ll never be a real writer?” One has lofty dreams of what the writing life will be like, but in reality it’s a lot of hard work, juggling, and organizing. Oh, and sometimes you actually get to just sit down and write (that’s why I added NaNoWriMo in there). It’s happy work, and it makes me feel good. I enjoy talking to people and sharing my thoughts and ideas (and talk-talk-talking about myself). A full plate is much better than the sad empty plate I once had. This is truly what I wished for. And though my schedule may be packed tight, I do it all joyfully.

But seriously, I’m running out of guest blog topics…

Oh, by the way guys…I’ll also be an IWSG co-host next month! CAUSE WHY NOT?

What’s coming up for me (clicky all the thingies to learn moresies):

November 10th, the second novel in my Siren Song series!







November 18th, my second contribution to the City Nights series!







The corresponding tours (the third one is being organized through my publisher, so I don’t have full details on it yet):












Places I’ll be doing more guest posts/interviews this month:

Wanna buddy up on NaNoWriMo?






Okay, I gotta go now, lots of stuff to do–and I gotta clean up this mess on my face!

31 thoughts on “Careful what you wish for…

  1. Congratulations! A full plate is always better than an empty one. As far as topics, I always find inspirations and process posts really interesting. You can break it down into details like what music inspired you when you wrote or how you went about writing the first draft or subsequent ones, the editing process (which can also be broken down), or details about the world of the book or some back story about a character. All that makes the books more interesting and makes me want to buy.

    Have a wonderful and fun month.


    1. It’s definitely great to have a full plate–something tells me when things settle down I’ll be bored and longing for the busyness again!

      Those are great ideas! Thank you so much!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The NaNo part is what would send me over the edge!
    Hey, my last book came out in the middle of the A to Z Challenge. I thought I would implode. But I didn’t. And you won’t either.
    What two words did you teach your cat to say?


    1. It’s hilarious you’re the only person who asked me about my cat. 😀 I taught her to say ‘mommy’ and ‘party.’ They’re easy to meow out.


  3. OMGoodness that is a full plate and I am right there at that buffet with you this month, pass the Alka Seltzer:)
    I am also co-hosting next month!
    Congratulations on the release and you could always blog about the weather.


    1. Congratulations! I’m glad other people are right here with me. 🙂 And see you next month, fellow co-host!


  4. Goodness gracious! That *is* a lot. But you’re right, being busy is better than being…not busy. Although adding NaNo into the mix…whew. I’m sure you’ll get through it!


    1. LOL thank you! I did it to myself, so I’ll find a way to survive!


  5. LOL – I’m right there beside you with almost the same plate, except my release date is next month . . . and I’m on spin cycle already. 🙂
    Happy Wild Month of November!


  6. Love your post!
    Remember, the most important part of the buffet process – MINI TASTING PORTIONS.
    Your goal is to taste everything you want – just not in huge portions.
    Step by step with that overloaded plate…
    Reminds me of the saying: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
    Happy IWSG Day!


    1. Very good advice! I mean after all, if you eat too much you don’t have room for dessert. And I definitely want to taste the sweet part of this buffet.

      Ugh, I’ll stop with all the food metaphors now. 😉 Thanks for stopping by!


  7. You do look a little crazy with that spoon in your hand. Take a breath. That’s it. Now, put the spoon down. Give me a moment to wipe the gravy off my face. Good. It’s all good. Now hand me that plate, I’m starved.

    Have a great month. 🙂

    Anna from Elements of Writing


    1. Hee hee! I’m always happy with a full plate, even if it makes me a little stir crazy. May your plate fill up soon!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Hey, you’re at the buffet. Just remember, you get to choose what to take and not take. And remember to breathe.


    1. Absolutely! I’m glad I made you laugh. Thanks for stopping by! (I’m assuming you made the accidental anonymous comment too, I’ll fix it!)


  9. Best wishes for a smashing success with everything! Deep breaths, helps me every time.

    Stephen Tremp
    November IWSG Co-host


    1. Thank you! Just like the deep breath you take before plunging down the roller coaster hill and screaming your head off. 😉


  10. I hear you–my plate is also cashing in at the buffet! Part of me loves it, but the other part says, watch out or you’re going to overeat… ok, the food analogy might need to be over. I’m an RWA member too! I’ll check out your upcoming posts.

    Oh and had to laugh that you’re hosting IWSG next month. I saw that call for hosts and contemplated, but ended up not responding. Plate too full!


    1. Hey, at least we get an opportunity to step up to the buffet, right?! I do love it, but I AM trying to slow down a bit.

      Next month won’t be quite so crazy for me, which is why I volunteered–let’s see if I regret it!


  11. Ha ha, d’you know for a moment there I felt envious – ok, note to self; time management uuurrgh


    1. Hahaha everything sorta converged at once beyond my control. Good thing I keep a really detailed planner!


  12. Two releases at once? HECK NO. I’d shoot myself. Seriously. But then, I’m barely balancing what I’ve got right now, so just the idea of one more thing makes me want to jump off a cliff.


    1. I didn’t plan it that way, trust me! It’s two different publishers and they decided to release them that way–but that’s okay, I’ll take two instead of none. It never rains but it pours for me!


  13. LOL, Megan. I will have to check out your books. I love humor. You do indeed have a lot on your plate. Reread Mary’s advice.

    Best wishes,
    Diane IWSG #92


    1. LOL I’m glad you found it funny! I think I’m such a bundle of nerves right now I have to resort to humor. And I definitely will, thank you!


  14. Wowzers! You do have a full plate. I’d be happy to announce your new releases on my blog. Send me an email. And I loved this line: *JUST SLAMS THE WHOLE PLATE RIGHT IN HER FACE WHILE LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY*


    1. Hahaha, I’m glad you found it amusing! And thanks so much, I definitely will! Is there anything in particular you need me to send along? Thanks again!


  15. Well, ain’t that the icing on the cake. Loved your buffet line comparisons. Your plate is, indeed, full. But, you don’t have to eat it all at once. Breath. Chew before swallowing. Have a glass of water. You are living the dream!
    Play off the Page


    1. LOL very good advice! I’m trying to just take a few deep breaths and get through things one at a time. Before I know it, it’ll be all over and I’ll be wishing I had some excitement again. I just know myself!


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