NaNoWriMo or No?

Despite my thousand-and-one commitments for November, I’m still considering doing NaNoWriMo like the crazy writer I am. I haven’t yet made a decision. If I do participate, I’m going to use it as an opportunity to pound 50,000 words into the fourth book of my Siren Song series, which I’ve already written about 30,000 words of already. So I have a project–but do I want to commit?

50,000 words divided by 30 days is about 1,666 words a day if you write every single day of the month. In addition to all my writing commitments next month, there’s also Thanksgiving and my son’s birthday in there. Also, there are a few days of the week I probably wouldn’t be able to throw that many words down, because of my schedule at my day job.

So, I did some more math: it comes out to 12,500 words a week across the four weeks of November. I could divvy up my word count so that I’m doing more on days where I have more free time and less on days where I have more commitments. Of course this is a lot of math, anxiety, and head-scratching over something I’m under no obligation whatsoever to take part in. I’m thinking out loud though, and if I do commit to it, I would hate to back out after.

How about you guys? Are any of you doing NaNoWriMo this year?

8 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo or No?

  1. NaNoWrimo is the one writing thing I actually commit to. But I actually want to write something publishable this year!


  2. Oh yes. I loved the camaraderie last year, and the discipline. If anyone wants to be a buddy for the month, I’m kimmie63. Good luck if you decide to join in!


    1. Sigh. You guys are talking me into it. 😉


      1. Excellent! In my home there’ll be (almost) no housework done for an entire month. It’s a great excuse.


  3. I am. But my plan is to ignore word count. And just focus on writing the rough draft.


    1. That’s a great idea! Good luck!

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