Tours and things

I finally have a few details about the blog tours I’ll be doing next month, though I don’t have details about the exact stops just yet. Wouldn’t you know it, two of them are happening the same week (they’re for different books through different tour promotions). I’m going to be a busy author that week! I also foresee writing lots of blog posts/answering lots of interview questions in the near future. I might even *gulp* get a few reviews out of it. Both tours will include gift card prizes.

I also have another tour scheduled for The Bloody City, but I don’t know the exact dates yet because it’s booked through my publisher. I’ll keep you all updated, also on the contests I’m going to hold myself here on the blog. I was thinking of having a Facebook party, but I’ve found I’m much better at being a guest/co-host of other people’s Facebook parties and not so good at throwing my own. Too much work! I’d rather just chat and have fun.

As a reminder: if you review books and use NetGalley, I can still provide you with a direct download link to The Bloody City for review. Simply email me. If you would like a copy of The Wicked City to read prior to it, I can provide you with a copy of that as well.

In other news, there’s one week left to vote for The Wicked City as best urban fantasy at The Romance Reviews Readers’ Choice Awards! I have no idea how I’m faring since I can’t see the votes for the other books in the category (I can see my own, but it doesn’t really tell me anything). So I’ll be biting my fingernails until the winners are announced. If you vote for me, please let me know so I can give you a personal thanks! You have to sign up for the site to vote, but it’s super easy.

This has been your semi-regular authorly update. Later, gators!

Author: Megan Morgan

Paranormal and contemporary romance author.

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