Show me your pets!

I thought I’d have some fun here on the blog today and get to know my followers a little better in the process. Do you have pets? Any kind of pets: cats, dogs, fish, birds, snakes, *shudder* tarantulas? I want to see them! Show me what your darling babies (past or present) look like. Horses and farm animals count too! All animals are awesome. Tell us a little bit about them, too.

If you don’t have pets, that’s fine. You can still play too. Show me a picture of something you really like or enjoy doing!

At present, I only have one cat. Her name is Francis, she’s about 8 years old, and she’s a Tortoiseshell (also known as a ‘Tortie’). Fun fact: did you know almost all Torties are female? This has to do with X chromosomes producing the orange color in their fur and you can read all about it here because it’s super science-y and hard to summarize.

Here’s some pictures of my kitty:

She blends in well with the fall scenery!
Sometimes you don’t know if you want to lay inside or outside…so why not both?
I swear she does more than sleep…
…sometimes she sleeps GLORIOUSLY (and clashes with the decor).


Your turn! Let’s see your pets!

Author: Megan Morgan

Paranormal and contemporary romance author.

2 thoughts

  1. Aww, Francis is a cute kitty!

    I have 4 cats. I didn’t intend to have for cats; I moved into my apartment with 2. However, I found 2 of them outside at different points, and couldn’t leave them there 😦 !

    The oldest is Loki. I got her “free to a good home” from a farm. My mom took home her sister. in this picture, she’s trying to catch the strap on the camera.

    Next comes Fricka. She has a lot of toes. Like, 2 extra on her each of her front paws, and 1 extra on each of her back paws. In the photo she is just trying to take a nap in the sun, and I’m bothering her by taking photos again.

    Next is Fenrir. He hung around outside our building a couple of nights. The first night I let him into the hallway. The next night, as we were getting home we saw someone in the building shooing him out. Since my partner, Mike, had to go do laundry, I asked him to let the cat back in. I guess that meant bringing him into the apartment :p . In the photo his cuddling the stuffed animal I keep on my bed.

    Last is Ragnarök. She hung around our building for a couple weeks, but wouldn’t come near us. I was able to feed her once by putting food down, backing up about 10 feet and sitting down. One night I heard her meowing so I went out. It was dusk, and I noticed a moving lump which I thought was her, until it straighten out and I realized it was a fox. Ragnarök was actually standing close to me, so I used the opportunity to grab her and bring her in. In the photos she’s being her regular cute self! Actually, because she has blue eyes, I find I have a heard time getting photos of her that don’t have red eye.

    Those are my kiities!


    1. Awwww! So many kitties and they’re all so pretty! ^__^ My kitty has been an only kitty for so long I’m not sure how she would take to partners, but I’ve thought about it.

      Thanks for showing off your kitties! Sorry about the mess with the comment showing up!


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