The wild ride of life

I’ve had a lot of ups and downs this year. And I mean extreme ups and extreme downs. It’s been a rollercoaster ride. I’m really hoping 2016 will be a more even ride. I’ll take lower highs if it means things are a bit more steady–anything, as long as those downward dips aren’t as sharp!

A lot of amazingly good things happened to me this year. My debut novel came out in March, and has done well since then, is up for an award, and has been well-reviewed. My second novel comes out in November. So does a separate novella. I’ve had two other things published this year and I already have two things lined up to be published next year. I’ve also gotten stories into a few anthologies. Writing-wise, I’m doing better than I ever have in my life.

In my personal life there have been some good things too. I work at a ‘day job’ I love. I have a lot of good friends. I went on a few trips this year. I definitely can’t say I’m not surrounded by people who care about me.

But the lows have been extreme, too. I’ve had some relationship and terrible money issues I won’t go into, but I’ve had some major health-related issues this year as well. I’m going to preface this by saying I am NOT accident-prone, I swear! Before this year I can’t even recall a time in my life I suffered a significant injury from an accident. I rarely get sick. I don’t have any major health issues. Me and doctors are passing acquaintances.

Until this year.

In February, I slipped on ice and broke my wrist in two places. It was a fairly graphic, visible break and the aftermath was awful–I had no use of my right hand for four days while my arm was wrapped and in a sling until the cast could be put on (you can’t put a cast on a limb until the swelling subsides, otherwise the cast won’t conform). So, needless to say I wasn’t writing during that time. Then I was in a cast for five weeks and had to learn how to type around it. The cast came off the day after St. Patrick’s Day. My wrist healed well but I still have pain in it from time to time, I think it’s arthritic now.

Then in July my best friend took me to Las Vegas for my 40th birthday. On my actual birthday, after dinner, we were walking back to our hotel room and I tripped on my shoes and fell. It seemed like a minor fall at the time but it ended up causing such a severe knee injury I still haven’t recovered from it. The injury was extensive and it took over a month of medical care before it could even be minorly corrected, and I also suffered several infections and a brush with sepsis due to the extent of the injury. It’s still not completely back to normal and I have a slight limp.

Am I boring you rambling on about all this? The point I’m trying to make is that sometimes life is a mixed bag. For me, I always seem to get very bad and very good together. I can never just get a bag of awesome stuff with a few tiny negative things thrown in. I don’t know if this is coincidence or just how my life is fated. Maybe something out there thinks I can’t enjoy the super highs if I don’t experience the super lows.

How about you, how has your luck been this year? I’m wishing us all a 2016 with many more highs than lows, and if not that, at least an even keel.

I will leave you with a song by one of my favorite bands: Jump Rope by Blue October.

Author: Megan Morgan

Paranormal and contemporary romance author.

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    1. Boring is good, at least in my eyes right now!

      Believe me, I’ve had every test, x-ray, MRI, blood work, and excavation done that one can imagine. When I fell there was damage to blood vessels and excessive bleeding inside my leg, which is what led to the infections. I’m still dealing with that part of it which is causing all the trouble–hopefully by winter things are better!

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