My dark side is my best side

Though I sometimes write contemporary romance and a little bit of erotica on the side, I’m largely an author of paranormal romance and urban fantasy. I like spooky things. I also used to write erotic horror for a now defunct small press, which might seem strange but it’s an actual genre!

Growing up, I was the kid who loved horror movies and scary TV shows (though my mother wouldn’t always let me watch them) and when I got to high school I was the girl reading Stephen King, Clive Barker, and Anne Rice. In my high school (waaay back in the day) we’d carry whatever novel we were currently reading on top the textbooks we toted from class to class, and believe me, everyone was judging each other on their choice of reading material. High school kids are like that. While the other girls were reading VC Andrews and Danielle Steele, I was the freak with the unabridged version of The Stand, which is the size of the ‘S’ encyclopedia and unholy heavy to carry around.

I started writing in high school, largely because I wanted to be like Stephen King. I wanted to be a horror writer, someone who could ‘humanize’ the scary and make the story as much about the characters as the monster lurking under the bed. Obviously, what I write has changed over the years–I like writing about sex now too–but the horror element still creeps in to my work. Urban fantasy is one of the best genres for me to play in, because it often combines both the fantastical and the sexy.

Of course I write non-scary romance and erotica too, but if you like things that go bump in the night, I’m the author to come to. Pull up a seat, we’ll chat about werewolves and the women who love them…

Did you like spooky things? Do you like a little shiver down your spine for multiple reasons?

I also have a few announcements to make:

Right now you can enter to win a copy of my upcoming urban fantasy The Bloody City on Goodreads! You have until September 30th to enter:GRgiveaway

Also, if you’re a reviewer, you can request The Bloody City for review on NetGalley. If you are a serious reviewer and would like the direct invite link to download it without having to request it, please contact me.

Author: Megan Morgan

Paranormal and contemporary romance author.

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