Shit Romance Authors Say

I’m sure by now you’ve seen them floating around the internet: those videos that depict “Shit (demographic/race/people/gender) Say.” If not, allow me to direct you to YouTube (some of those videos may contain offensive material, so watch at your own risk!).

I have zero video making skills, so I thought I’d do one of these presentations in blog form. Here is Shit Romance Authors Say:

– It’s not smut, it’s erotica.

– What’s another word for ‘throbbing?’

– Just because he’s a werewolf doesn’t mean he’s not lovable.

– So you’re telling me you don’t see fireworks every time you kiss someone?

– He’s a billionaire…she’s a billionaire…what if everyone is just billionaires?

– Can you make a Wendigo sexy? What about a zombie?

– Is it considered HEA if she leaves him chained to the bed–but he likes it?

– I need to find an anthology for my leather daddy/tax accountant story!

– Sexy, sizzling, scorching…it’s okay to put all those words in the blurb, right?

– The publisher wants a 300 word synopsis for my 80,000 word novel? You have got to be kidding me.

–  Whoops, I used ‘turgid’ twice in three paragraphs–glad my editor caught that!

– If the FBI ever gets their hands my Google search history…

– Follow Friday!

–  Cat: check. Coffee: check. Now I can write.

– I need a new blog post idea. But I think I already wrote about 101 Practical Uses For Handcuffs.

– I don’t know where to take this story next. Time for a sex scene!

– Got a bad review: reviewers are just jerks shouting their opinions to the masses!

– Got a good review: reviewers are so wise and awesome!

– Did Amazon do anything evil this week?

– I hate Facebook’s new timeline.

– These two characters just met. I think the most practical decision is for them to have sex.

– I think I should add some sex here.

– What holiday is coming up next? I need to write a story about people having sex on that holiday.

– Hey, writing sex is hard. Heh heh, hard…

Do you have any to add to the list? Come on down!

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Author: Megan Morgan

Paranormal and contemporary romance author.

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