Wait for it.

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Writing is a waiting game–or I should say, writing to get published is a waiting game. You submit. You wait. You bite your fingernails. You wait some more. Will they say yes?  Will they say no? Will they ever answer, or are you crying into the void?

These days waiting can take on a whole new dimension, because you can stalk the twitter and FB accounts of whomever you’ve submitted to, be it editor or agent. Not that I would EVER do such a thing…I mean, I’m just making new friends, right? It’s not stalking. It’s not obsessively checking to see if they say even the smallest thing that might be about my manuscript or when they might be sending out their next round of rejection letters, right? I mean who DOES that?

Right now I’m playing the waiting game on several fronts–can you tell? Waiting for a yes or no, waiting for an answer. As a published author, I can tell you however the waiting game doesn’t stop just because you get a yes. You wait for edits, wait for your book cover, wait for a pub date, wait for your book to come out, wait for someone to care, wait for reviews, wait for your royalty check. Are we human, or are we waiter?

They say the best way to take your mind off it is to work on something else–keep writing! I say the best way to deal with it is to scream a lot and keep stalking–I mean being friends with–the editor/agent you’ve submitted to.

How about you? How do you wait?

Author: Megan Morgan

Paranormal and contemporary romance author.

29 thoughts

  1. Hi,
    It was so refreshing reading your blog posting. It encouraged me because you got a yes to a submission. I am still working on my first novel with an editor, before I submit it to an agent, and I can honestly say, it is a waiting game. I hope you don’t have to wait much longer.
    All the best.
    Pat Garcia


    1. The important part is to never give up! If you keep trying it might take a long time to get a yes, but if you give up, you’ll NEVER get a yes.

      Thanks for stopping by and good luck!


  2. Even though I’m strictly indie, there’s a fair amount of waiting involved. This week I received some marketing copy I was waiting for, and it really wasn’t good…I need to redo it. I’m waiting on my cover. I’m waiting on my editor. I’m waiting to release the book in the spring so I can do some pre-release marketing. Aaaaaggghhh!!! In the meantime, I have an idea for the next novel that’s really jazzing me, so I’m doing research, and that makes it easier to deal with the waiting game.


  3. I am waiting on my final proofs as we speak. You are so right it is all about hurry up and wait. I’ve learned to just go with the flow but I do occasionally stalk too:)


  4. As an indie I don’t wait for the things you mention here, but there is still plenty of waiting on: betas, editors, reviewers, cover artists, conceptual artist, etc…
    I read while I wait and then I scream and start something new.


  5. My waiting routine involves compulsive handwringing and a nagging sense of inferiority. I convince myself that my work will be rejected because of a misplaced comma or something. These are bad habits that I really need to break.


    1. I do the same thing! The longer I sit around waiting for an answer, the more convinced I am that I absolutely offended their sensibilities and they’re just trying to figure out a way to tell me.


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