Monday Funday

I didn’t get a whole lot of participation for Monday Funday last week, but I’m going to stick with it–because I like fun, darn it! And even if you don’t want to participate, you might still have fun with the links I provide (it also gives me something to blog about).

What sort of things can you share on Monday Funday?

– Links to fun/interesting/cool websites that you think others would enjoy.

– Links to articles and blog posts that you think are awesome.

– Pictures (nothing pornographic, violent, or depicting anything illegal or inciting, though)

– Stories: tell us something good! Personal stories, anecdotes, flash fiction, whatever you’d like to share.

– Anything else that might be fun: jokes, contests, time wasters, pictures of cats, whatever you think others would enjoy.

There’s just a few rules:

– This is NOT for self-promotion. Please don’t promote your own work, website, or social media accounts. I don’t want this to become just a promotions post. I want it to be for sharing fun and interesting things (not that your work isn’t fun and interesting, but if we have enough requests for it, maybe I’ll start a pimp-your-work day on the blog too).

– This is my blog and I reserve the right to remove anything offensive, harmful, or not within the spirit of the theme.

My Monday Funday links:

The Cutest Blog On The Block – This site has tons and TONS of free graphics, templates, buttons, banners, and whatever else you need to make your website look pretty. And they’re super cute! I used some of their graphics in the early versions of my site.

The Color Thesaurus – For when you want to describe colors in your writing a little more vividly. Also: The Emotion Thesaurus

Authorgraph – Give your readers autographs on their Kindle! Get autographs from your favorite authors on your Kindle!

Pixlr – Free online photo editing software. I actually make all my graphics with this.

Cute Boys With Cats – The best Instagram.

Cute Girls With Cats – If you prefer instead.

And here’s a picture of me getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day this year (yes, I have a cast on, I broke my wrist in February).

Now you share some of your fun in the comments! Happy Monday Funday, everyone!

Author: Megan Morgan

Paranormal and contemporary romance author.

2 thoughts

    1. Ooooh, thanks for the link, that’s very helpful! I broke my wrist in February and it still aches from time to time, but it’s much better, thank you!

      Maybe Pimpin’ Tuesday? LOL I’ll have to come up with something. Thanks for stopping by!

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