Where has the writer been?

I’ve been woefully absent from this blog lately. It’s like the A-Z Challenge didn’t teach me a thing! But for once I can actually say it’s not because I’m being lazy but because I’ve been doing SO much work writing-wise. Currently I’m:

– Trying to finish editing a book I have to turn in to my editor by July 1st. Only a few more chapters! I finished the intense editing/rewriting in April but I wanted to let it sit for a month so I could look at it with fresh eyes and comb through it again during June. I should finally be through it this weekend.

– Writing a book. A completely different book in a different series–yes, at the same time!

– Keeping up with promotional stuff for all the works I already have out.

On top of this, I actually have a day job (and I TRY to have a social life). I’m going to Las Vegas for my 40th birthday in July so I’m trying to be a good little worker bee until then–so I won’t feel guilty about doing nothing for an entire weekend.

But hard work does pay off. This morning I got an email offering me a contract for a novella! I’ll give more details as soon as the ink is on paper.

So that’s why I’m a neglectful blog writer. How is your writing life?

You spelled this word wrong. We’re gonna have to rewrite the whole thing.

4 thoughts on “Where has the writer been?

  1. Not sure why my comment above came up as anonymous!


  2. Wow, you have been busy! Congrats on the new contract, sounds exciting. I’m catching up with my reading after blogging quite a bit in April and May, so July will be the next month for much writing for me. Have a great birthday – those ‘big’ birthdays need celebrating!


    1. Thank you! Good luck on the writing in July!


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