Paranormal Love Wednesday

paranormal love wednesdays 2-1 (1)Today I’m participating in the Paranormal Love Wednesdays blog hop! This weekly blog hop features paranormal stories and is open to authors and writers whose work is published or unpublished. Participants can post an excerpt of a paranormal romance, including any blurbs and buy links to promote the work.

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My offering is from my erotic paranormal romance, Her Darkest Secret, published by Muse It HOT! publishing. Check out the end of the post for more information and buy links.


Two men stood on the threadbare rug in front of the hearth. They both wore rifles strapped across their backs, but Eliza wasn’t afraid.

One was a stocky, solidly built man with dark, greasy hair to his collar, streaked with gray. His face was hard and lined, his eyes dark. He leered at them as they stepped in, and Eliza’s skin crawled. She had never seen him before, though she knew many of the men from the logging camp at the base of the mountain.

The other man, however—he was breathtaking, a sight to behold. Tall, so tall he could have reached up and gripped the bare beams of the ceiling. He was gloriously masculine, hewn from muscle and raw power, with the arms of a man who chopped wood all day and the lithe, powerful body of a hunter and mountain man. He had a thick, dark beard, short and neatly trimmed. His intense eyes glimmered in the firelight. A knit cap hid his hair, but his face was proud and majestic. He wore a red flannel shirt and suspenders, and leather boots to his knee.

He reminded her of the stories her mother told her as a child, about the spirits of the mountain—men, turned into tall, impossibly strong warriors in death, left there to protect the people on the mountain from harm.

Eliza stepped forward, forcing authority into her voice. “What do you want? Why are you here?”


Tantalized? Find out more!
Only one man can tame the beast inside her…

Eliza Duncan has a secret only a wild mountain and a powerful man can keep. Left alone in the Tennessee mountains with her sickly younger sister Mary, she depends on Lucien Grey to protect her from danger…and from her own dark urges.

But when a werewolf threatens their quiet life on the mountain, Eliza and Lucien realize they must fight it together. Then a mysterious man terrorizes Mary—could they be one and the same? Will Eliza’s secret remain safe, or will she become a victim once again?

Available at:

Muse it HOTAmazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo


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Author: Megan Morgan

Paranormal and contemporary romance author.

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