Up close and personal.

NaBloPoMo_PHOTODuring the month of May I’m doing the NaBloPoMo challenge–blogging every day of the month on the theme of photos.

Today’s prompt: Do you ever secretly snap pictures without the subject knowing? Tell us about a secret shot you’ve taken.
Photo: Close

I don’t take secret shots of anyone because it’s at the least unkind and at worst an invasion of privacy. I think there’s a difference between ‘secret’ and ‘candid,’ too. Taking a picture of someone blowing out their birthday candles is a candid shot, taking a picture of someone walking down the street talking on their phone is secret (I’m looking at you, paparazzi). I don’t believe in taking pictures of people without their knowledge. Of course, going to a concert or show and taking a picture of a performer is different, as they probably expect there’s going to be cameras in the crowd. However, I’m very much against taking pictures of other people without their knowledge (or without them being in a situation where they would reasonably expect to be photographed) and I hope other people extend me the same courtesy. Unfortunately, there’s entire sectors of the entertainment industry wrapped up in this behavior.

As for the photo prompt, here’s a super close up picture of my cat. She was born with a permanently dilated pupil, thus her wonky eye:


Author: Megan Morgan

Paranormal and contemporary romance author.

5 thoughts

  1. I agree with you … I wouldn’t like to be clicked without my knowledge, and I too wouldn’t do the same to others.


  2. My photography professor in college encouraged us to take surreptitious photos of people. He said it’s just part of the business, something professional photographers (especially photo-journalists) have to get used to. I did it one or twice, but I felt really uncomfortable about it. I guess that’s why I never became a professional photographer.


    1. That seems a bit odd to me…I mean, I understand if you’re taking a picture of someone performing or in some public capacity, but why learn to take sly pictures of unwitting people? Sounds like paparazzi training!

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      1. I understood it in a photojournalism sense. My professor showed us examples of photos from war zones or riots or things like that. But I didn’t feel comfortable practicing that style of photography on random people at the mall.


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