NaBloPoMo_PHOTODuring the month of May I’m doing the NaBloPoMo challenge–blogging every day of the month on the theme of photos.

Today’s prompt: Do you think you smile more honestly when you’re taking a selfie or when someone else is photographing you?
Photo: Focus

I probably smile more genuinely when someone else is taking a picture of me, because that means I’m somewhere having a good time. Selfies can be very posed and forced to make them look good–not that my smile isn’t genuine, but it’s put on for the camera! I love a good candid photograph of someone smiling or laughing. I’m always taken by surprise when I see a picture like that of myself. Wow, I was having so much fun!

Puppies are good for making smiles.

Puppies are good for making smiles.

Focus in a picture is like focus in life: if it’s sharp enough, the result can be breathtaking. I have a big focus in my life, making a career for myself as a writer. It’s a driving force. Sometimes it’s hard to focus because there’s too many distractions around you. I’m learning to blur out the distractions every day.

Don't get distracted!

Don’t get distracted!


  1. I’m one of those “one take” guys when it comes to pictures in general. I don’t care what I look like anymore so I don’t try but every time the lens is pointed at me, I have to think about what I should do. A lot of pressure!


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