My style and reflections on the A-Z Challenge.

Today I’m combining my NaBloPoMo post with my A-Z Challenge reflection post.

I loved doing the A-Z Challenge during the month of April. This was the first year I did it and I was surprised by how much fun I had, how many new people I met, and how many wonderful conversations I had on my blog as well as the blogs of others. I honestly wasn’t much of a blogger before this challenge, but it certainly turned me into one!

The challenge is quite a marathon, but I queued up all my posts well ahead of time (I started writing them in February). I don’t think I could do the challenge if I wrote the posts daily, so I’m glad there is plenty of time in advance of the challenge to get the posts written. Being able to pick your own theme–or no theme at all–is great too.

I have no complaints about the challenge. I think it’s what you make of it. The idea was great, the community is great, the blog hop is enormous and gives you the opportunity to visit and be visited by many others, and overall it just made me a better blogger. I will definitely be doing it again next year. Thank you so much to all the organizers and co-hosts. Your job was huge and you did it beautifully!

And now, hello to all the new friends I made, and thanks for sticking around to see me through the next challenge. Which is…


During the month of May I’m doing the NaBloPoMo challenge–blogging every day of the month on the theme of photos.

Today’s prompt: What is your favourite angle for being photographed? Head-on? Slightly above, below, to the side?
Photo: Your Style

Any good selfie-taker will tell you that the best angle is from slightly above. It stretches out your neck, makes your jaw sharper, your eyes bigger, and just makes your face look overall awesome:

And makes your boobs bigger?
And makes your boobs bigger?

My style is wild and colorful. I try to be unique and slightly fashionable, though I don’t really care much about fashion. People often tell me I have a fun style. I can rock the weirdest things and make them work. This is a huge advantage, because it means I can get tons of clothes and accessories on clearance that no one else wants.

I love pink, can you tell?
I love pink, can you tell?
I also love scarves.
I also love scarves.
I never met a mirror I didn't like.
I never met a mirror I didn’t like.

Author: Megan Morgan

Paranormal and contemporary romance author.

10 thoughts

  1. It was great finding your blog. This was my first A-Z too and I believe I’ll be back next year. With one done, I have seen things I can improve on and will likely step up my game next year. I may even consider posting from two of my blogs. The one I haven’t posted to in over a year. Will also likely step out of my comfort zone and actually pick a ‘theme’ instead of simply doing what I normally do, away. It was kind of a cop-out because the subject from each day could be anything I wanted to blog about, if I were ranting about it or not.
    Great selfies. Scarves are cool.


    1. I will definitely be back next year! I’m glad you will be too! I really wasn’t any kind of blogger before this at all, now I love blogging. I’m in the beginning stages of my career and haven’t really built a ‘brand’ for myself yet, so blogging will help me connect with readers I think, and let them know who I am at the same time. The picture challenge I’m doing this month is a little intimidating because I’m like ‘maybe I should hide my crazy side…’ but pffft, it’s who I am and people are going to have to know that! 😛 Anyway, yes! It was great meeting you! I’m so happy for all the connections I made!

      Thank you! And thanks for stopping by!


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