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A to Z Theme Reveal


In April, I will be taking part in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. I will put up a blog post every day of the month, excluding Sundays, using each letter of the alphabet. Today is the theme reveal for the participant’s blog posts. Since I’m an author, my theme will of course be writing. Here are the posts that will go up each day of the challenge:

A – Author (1st)
B – Books (2nd)
C – Coffee/Cats (3rd)
D – Deadlines (4th)
E – Editing (6th)
F – False Starts (7th)
G – Google (8th)
H – Happiness (9th)
I – Inspiration (10th)
J – Jealousy (11th)
K – Killing a Character (13th)
L – Love (14th)
M – Megan (15th)
N – Notes (16th)
O – Organization (17th)
P – Productivity (18th)
Q – Query (20th)
R – Rejection (21st)
S – Stories (22nd)
T – Time (23rd)
U – Unity (24th)
V – Voice (25th)
W – Writing (27th)
X – Xesturgy (28th)
Y – Yearning (29th)
Z – Zipping It Up (30th)

As you can see, some of the subjects are informative and educational and others are a little silly. If you’re a writer–published or not–stop by my blog in April and let’s talk shop! I’ll be discussing everything from querying agents, to choosing a pen name, to getting the cat off your lap so you can get some work done.

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Paranormal and contemporary romance author.

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  1. Love it! I’ve only found a few other bloggers/writers doing the theme of “Writing.” I did random topics last year and it was far more chaotic than I would have liked. Only a few of your topics are the same as the ones I picked, I’m curious to see how we write differently on the same subject! Looking forward to following you next month and reading more!! 🙂


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