Chicago that I love–and my heroine hates.

This weekend, I’m going to visit Chicago. Not for business or work, just a fun weekend with friends. I absolutely love Chicago–it’s probably my favorite city on earth (I currently live in Cleveland, a mere six hour drive away). My urban fantasy Siren Song series is set in Chicago, and though the heroine of the novels, June Coffin, has no love for Chicago due to the circumstances under which she’s there, I let her see a lot of the city.

I decided to make a list of all the places in Chicago June ends up. Some are places I’ve been to on my many visits to Chicago and written from memory, and some are places I just did research on. Maybe on my trip to Chicago this weekend I can visit the places I’ve only read about!

Places with an asterisk (*) are places I’ve been:

#1 The Wicked City (release date March 3, 2015)

  • West Lakeview*
  • Navy Pier*
  • Michigan Avenue*
  • Wicker Park*
  • Medical District
  • Lakeshore Drive*
  • Promontory Point*

#2 The Bloody City (release date November 2, 2015)

  • Old Town (though there isn’t a vampire district there–or is there?!)
  • Hyde Park*
  • Jackson Park

#3 The Burning City (release date TBA)

  • North Avenue Beach (I’ve seen it from the John Hancock Center, though!)

Of course she isn’t only visiting those places in the second and third books, but I wanted to cut out repeats.

June hasn’t gotten to visit some of the other wonderful places I’ve been to in Chicago though, like the Willis (Sears!) Tower, the Chicago River via boat, Wrigleyville, or Millenium Park. Maybe she should get a fourth book where she gets to have fun and go sightseeing?

Chicago will also be the backdrop for my upcoming novella One Night In Chicago. Obviously!

How about you guys? Is there a city you’re in love with and love to write about?

Author: Megan Morgan

Paranormal and contemporary romance author.

One thought

  1. I don’t have any particular city that I always right about, but I find the description of St. Petersburg in Crime and Punishment so vivid that I’ve based more than a handful of Sci Fi metropolises on it.


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