Smutting it up again.

In case you’re unaware, although I mainly write urban fantasy and paranormal romance, I also indulge in smut writing on the side. Yes, I’m also an erotica author!

I just found out today my short story ‘Married Without Children’ was accepted for House of Erotica’s Play It Safe anthology, an erotic anthology focusing on all the ways safe sex can be sexy. I don’t have a release date yet, but I’ll keep you informed as soon as I know!



Part of the Play It Safe anthology.

Being married usually means the end of condoms–for husband Jared and wife Sarah, when a medical issue forces them to use another means of protection for a while, they’re willing to make things work. Sarah gives her husband a naughty, encouraging surprise to ease the blues of strapping up again. Jared quickly finds doing it the way they did in their dating days again isn’t so bad after all.

Coming soon from House of Erotica.


If you enjoy smut, I’m also published in two other House of Erotica anthologies:



Smut By the Sea Vol. 3

Includes my story What the Doctor Ordered:

After her divorce, April Winegarden relocates to Daytona Beach to start her life anew. The surf and sand are revitalizing for a woman in her forties trying to start again. The sun is hot, but even hotter is Hunter Zhào, the sexy twenty-something Chinese American college boy who works as a busser at her favorite seaside restaurant. The two strike up a friendship, with April trying to suppress her naughty fantasies about a boy young enough to be her son, until Hunter invites her to a party and they get to know each other even better. April gets her groove back when she takes him home with her that night–and finds out an old dog still has the best tricks.

Learn more and buy it HERE.




Landing Strip

Includes my story The Jet Set Life:

The rockstar life can be such a drag–especially when your job is to take care of one who needs a babysitter at all times. The only thing that makes personal assistant Mikael Dandridge eager to fly all over the country is Sasha Blake, the sexy flight attendant on his rockstar employer’s private jet. Sasha has a passion for service, but also for being served. Mikael gives her some first class treatment and gets to be the one indulging in decadence for a change.

Learn more and buy it HERE.


Author: Megan Morgan

Paranormal and contemporary romance author.

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